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Non essential highway maintenance at gone midnight? Are you freaking serious? (with video)

I’m trying to sleep however the highway maintenance department have decided that sleep isn’t for the people living in my apartment block. They have decided that non-essential highway maintenance is what they need to be doing at gone midnight. I have videoed about 20 seconds of it out on my balcony and as you can hear it isn’t exactly soothing background music…

If it was essential work for a burst pipe or whatever then you can deal with it. These things happen. However they were busy out there last night as well and they weren’t around during the day so it is pretty clear that isn’t essential work.

I just wanted to blog my frustration at how ridiculous it is. I’m guessing Southend Council know all about it and think that it is better to disturb the people after midnight instead of shutting down a small road for a couple in the day.

Not amused.

I know it’s not all that important in the grand scheme of things but still. I like sleep and if my neighbours get pissy with a few people drinking at 11PM then I wonder what they’ll think about this and way gone midnight on now two successive nights…

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