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Day: July 12, 2012

The online dating world and the real world accidentally meeting…

Whilst we wait for my piece on false rape allegations to be published elsewhere lets go a bit more light-hearted here on The Rambles of Neil Monnery.

We all know of my fun and games in the world of online dating but last night I realised something that some might just say is a little bit awkward. As you all know I have been perusing online dating for donkey’s years but recently I have been blogging about it. Well one other thing I have been doing for years is hospital radio. Never have the two world’s met until a few weeks ago – and I’ve only just noticed.

I messaged a girl on an online dating website several weeks back but got no reply but thought very little of it. It isn’t exactly a rare occurrence. Well anyway last night one of the nurses that I see every week as she works Wednesday nights on one of the wards that I visit to collect requests from the patients on was called over by one of the other nurses. I had never noticed her name before. I had a good look at her (as to be fair I had many times before) and suddenly it all twigged. I had messaged this nurse weeks ago.

At this point I have no idea if she has twigged that I am the same guy. She may well have done. She may well not have done. I have no idea and I can tell you this for sure – I am certainly not going to be bringing it up any time soon. Luckily even if she has it hasn’t been awkward. She’s as friendly as she always is. Luckily for us all the nursing staff are friendly as we see the same faces pretty much week in, week out every week so they are used to us but yeah – that coulda been awkward.

So always remember that the real world and online dating can at times mix. It has happened once before but the other way around. I met a patient on my rounds and only to have them message me on an online dating website a couple of months later when we realised we had actually met (albeit briefly) before.

So luckily I don’t think is going to be awkward but I know that casually complimenting her on her hair now might be a bit more out of place…

PS: I really need to add a dating tag to this blog…

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