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Dating Update – Autumn 2014 – Three Girls and Three Dates

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I don’t think I’ve written about any dates that I’ve had since around this time last year I still don’t get why there was no second date but still… this isn’t because I’ve been all coy with my dating blogging but more to do with not having any dates but as the title of this blog indicates, it is time to put that right. Around a month ago it was all go in my private life including a situation where I had two dates in two nights. Talk about excitement!

So anyway on with the show and the tale of a heady couple of weeks of late July and early August 2014. Lets look at this chronologically…

First date was with someone we’ll call Woman A. We had a coffee date. Now being the type of guy I am, I had done my research on her and knew that she was using rather old pictures on her dating profile, so that wasn’t a surprise. We got on ok but if I’m being honest conversation was a bit stilted and it was one of those situations where if we saw each other again I was open to that and if we didn’t I wouldn’t be overly concerned.

Yet we did have a second date and it was pretty similar to the first. I was sitting there thinking ‘do I fancy her or not?’ and after date two nothing more occurred and I wasn’t too fussed. Nice girl but when conversation really struggles then you know it probably wasn’t going to go anywhere, still the day after the second date I had a first date with someone else so time to focus on that one.

This one was an interesting one as I went into it firmly believing that is was a one date only job and I’d never see her again. Now this doesn’t sound like a great attitude to have going into a date I know but like the previous person, I had done my research and this one had a dating blog where she wrote about her dates and I had read the whole thing before we’d met. So I knew what her type was and I knew I wasn’t it. So whilst I’m not going to say I was just going through the motions, I went into the date not thinking it was going to go anywhere and if I’m being honest I wasn’t even sure we’d get along that well.

So anyway we meet and first things first – lets get it out of the way – she was stunning. Whilst I wouldn’t say out of my league physically…no I can’t finish that sentence. So anyway we get along surprisingly well and conversation flows and there is no awkwardness. This is a rarity in my dating world! We are the last people there and we head off, she even offers to give me a lift home, which I didn’t see coming but it can’t be a bad thing, if she disliked me she wouldn’t be offering me a lift home surely?

She drops me off and at this point I think it is fair to say I am a wee bit interested and actively want a second date, I also think I’m getting on. So I ask her and she says and I quote, ‘Sure’ now that seems fine but the way she said it and the way she contorted her face as she said it was the first time since the date started that I thought to myself that I wasn’t getting a second date. So I followed up asking her when she was free for a second date a couple of days later and heard nothing. Six days later and my phone dinged and she had been busy and was going in holiday in a few weeks time and didn’t see that she had any time to meet again. It was a pretty clear brush off. I won’t lie I was pretty bummed for a few days as I genuinely thought we’d had a fantastic date and had gotten on extremely well but what can I say, I got it quite spectacularly wrong. It isn’t the first time when it comes to my dates that I can admit to having done so!

Now folks remember this young lady has a dating blog, so I was awaiting her review of her date but it never got written up. Either it was so boring it wasn’t worth it or I repulsed her that much. Could be either. She has reviewed a couple of dates since and her latest takes the biscuit, he drove her home drunk and yet despite this she wanted to see him again. I’m worse than a drunk driver folks. I would say this is a low ebb for me but I think we all know it isn’t.

‘But Neil, that is two girls and three dates, the blog post indicated there was another girl’ I hear you cry. Well yes folks there was. This was the person with whom I just got on with terrifically online. Messages were long and meaningful and most important interesting and thought-provoking. As anyone who has ever engaged with online dating knows, some messages are just so bleh and boring and you feel like you don’t get anywhere in the conversation, with this person it was different.

We’d probably been exchanging messages for four to six weeks before she wanted to meet, so we arranged to meet and were sorting out our calendars before she just suddenly stopped talking to me. Literally just stopped. At first I wondered if it was something I said so I left it a few days before following up but again no response. She was still very active on the site and was changing her photos etc. so she was still about but had just decided for whatever reason that I was not someone she wanted to know. No ‘I’ve changed my mind’ just a decision to flat out ignore me. That happens when it comes to online dating, I know that, but rarely at this point. Didn’t make much sense.

So here we are. That was all within a two week period. Since then everything has gone pretty deathly quiet and with the return of the football season, the NFL season and the NCAA season, I suspect that my weekends will once be filled with sporting engagements on my tellybox and even attempting to date will as per usual take a back seat. It is the same every year. I do actually try in the summer but I don’t get anywhere and I then decide the hassle and the disappointment isn’t worth it. You can tell the time of the year by whether I am positive, negative or just not bothering with online dating, I’m as reliable as the sun and the moon.

To sum up, the first person I wasn’t too fussed about, we got on but there was nothing there really. The second girl was a surprise that we seemed to get on so well considering in her own words that she is attracted to bad boys but we didn’t get on as well as I thought, damnit. As for the girl who wanted to date and I got on brilliantly with who then just decided to stop talking to me altogether, just what the fuck?

And people wonder why I get despondent and remember why I don’t mind the single life. Oh well, who knows what is around the corner…?

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September 10th, 2014 at 5:01 pm

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Why I personally enjoy being single on Valentine’s Day

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I haven’t written anything about dating in months. Either that means I am on the quiet doing exceptionally well on this front and have chosen not to write about it as not to jinx it or absolutely sod all is happening so there is nothing to write about, I’ll let you have a think about that for a minute.

Yeah it’s the latter of the two. I mean seriously…

Anyway tomorrow is the day for couples to feel pressurised into being romantic and for those with a secret crush on someone to kinda reveal themselves in a ‘well I’ll dip my toe in the water but will have plausible denial if it all goes tits up’ kind of way. So awesome.

I have quite brilliantly managed to go through my whole life without either being in a relationship on this day or trying to tell someone I was romantically interested in them. Impressive stuff. Although to be fair you could go through pretty much every day of the calendar and I would be able to fulfill both of those criteria.

The point of this post though isn’t to lament but to rejoice. Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday designed to split the Christmas and Easter markets. Surely people in love don’t need a special day dedicated to the notion that they are in love? Surely they would be in love all the time and therefore make a special effort on more than just one occasion a year when dictated to by the calendar?

I love and rejoice the fact that I’m single at this time of year. I imagine it must be a pretty stressful situation for a significant number of couples as they feel the need to be forced into having certain feeling amplified. I’m notoriously the type of person that goes against the grain, if someone tells me I should be feeling x then I’ll automatically veer to y. I have been like this for many years. I don’t like to be told how to feel and anyone telling or cajoling me into feeling a certain way will in all likelihood not find themselves successful.

I remember friends in the past lamenting being single on Valentine’s Day, like they had failed and they used to say how unfair it was when those who weren’t single publicly showed off how happy they were in a relationship. It annoys me that people feel like that thanks to this stupid holiday, thanks society. Fair enough you might think but when they got into a relationship then they would do just the same and it always made me laugh, then when they split up with their partner and were single the next year they would moan about it all over again. Hilarity.

It seems that Valentine’s Day is often not about being romantic with your partner and showing them how much you love them, but in these Social Media times it is more about showing off how happy you are to the world, certainly for the younger generation. Why do we as a race have that urge to show off how happy we are? Is it to show everyone one else or is it to show the one we are meant to love?

Answers on a postcard.

So here we are. For those who are single then than your lucky stars that you aren’t going to be under pressure to show how much you like your partner. One thing I’ve found in life is that pressure situations lead to heightened tensions and heightened situations that go well are terrific, heightened situations where things do not go well lead to sad times.

There is absolutely naff all wrong with being single. Naff all. Sure if the right person walked into my life I probably wouldn’t be shedding a tear but there is nothing to feel down about. It is just a day designed to make money. It shouldn’t influence your feelings or outlook. So for me tomorrow is just Friday, it’ll be the same as most other Friday’s (although I don’t need to do any food shopping so I might not walk to the supermarket), I shall wake up, I shall work, I shall eat, I shall drink, I shall shower, I’ll watch some TV and I’ll not care about how I’m not doing this with anyone or have any feelings for anyone and how no-one has these feelings for me, it just won’t even register on my radar.

What really gets my goat though is the advertising, I saw some greatest hits record being advertised earlier as the ‘perfect gift for Valentine’s Day’ – what horse expletive. I’m pretty sure the croonings of some singer is not the ideal way to tell someone that you love them. Seriously. God it annoys me so much. I hate the commercialisation of everything. Do advertisers not think we have our own minds?


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February 13th, 2014 at 8:18 pm

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…and you thought I was bad with my dating blogging…

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I have been known to write about dates, I was about to type both good and bad but that is a lie but you know what I mean. Still I at least keep names out of it and give at best vague descriptions of people I have had dates with but a young lady living in Washington DC doesn’t think that is enough. She thinks that people who decide not to date further after two dates deserve to be named and shamed but I think it is probably fair to say that it has backfired and this young lady has become a bit of a joke across Social Media.

Here is the full version of events (from her point of view) but the premise is basically this. This lady met a guy in a bar that she did not know. They had a couple of dates. He then texted her saying that he didn’t want a relationship but says that she is funny, smart and cool and that she’ll no doubt find a great guy and she thought it was so insulting that she blogged about it (which to be fair I do but without names/details) but not only that, she decided that his bosses needed to know all about it for some reason and instead of just saying ‘no worries, good luck in the future’ or just saying nothing she let rip.

Lets look at the screenshots…

quin woodward pu texts

Guys decides to let Quin down rather gently…

But then…

quin woodward pu texts

Quin decides that she was not amused at the ‘dumping’

I mean c’mon…

This has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever read and I’d be so thankful if I was this guy that I had seen the light after just two dates and decided to get the hell out of there. Of course there is the cynic in me that makes me think this is just free publicity for the woman in question, on her own website she describes herself as an memoirist, communications consultant, and a connaisseusse of all things social. She currently lives in Washington, DC, where she is a social media and public relations pundit and I can see this as just social media spin to prove that she can create some buzz but that is all well and good. Doing that but getting her name out there as the type of woman that guys would back away from slowly (or just turn and run quite fast) is quite the price to pay just to create a name for yourself or create from buzz in the social media world.

Writing things like I am so mature, well-adjusted and above this kind of childish behavior and then proceeding to act exactly like she did is just a wee bit weird is not? Now I’ve been told (albeit usually just after one date) that someone doesn’t want to see me again and I have no qualms writing about it just like many others do but I don’t think I’m at this level.

What I don’t do is go off on them as to why they are awful and how great I am. Even if at times I’m confused as to why they’ve said ‘thanks but no thanks’ I would never go further than anonymous internet blogging. Maybe I’m wrong and the stuff I write is just as bad and maybe that is a warning sign for other people to steer clear of me (I grant that it is more than possible) but I certainly think that this young lady as put herself in a much harder place with regards to finding a new partner if they have Googling ability.

Here are a few of these young ladies words about herself:

Speaking about her sexual charm…

We had relatively good chemistry, but then, I kinda have chemistry with pretty much everyone, because I really like talking to people and winning over complete strangers.

On the guy in question

When we parted that day, I didn’t think much of anything. In fact, I actually headed out to a bar to meet up with a former lover from 2012, with whom I may or may not entertain a few exchanges here and there. #timesbeing.

All class eh folks?

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September 27th, 2013 at 1:35 am

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Date number three of 2013. Read all the gossip and fallout here!

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I have learned a few things in my life and behind Take Me Out photos the most popular thing people want to read on this blog is about my dating endeavours. Well I like to give the public what it wants. The only downside is I rarely have much to write about, if only I had more dates and interactions with women this blog would be so popular. Oh well. Anyway I have dating news so sit down with a coffee or a cup of tea and a biscuit and get ready for the latest installment of my private life.

Before we start I should give you some background of the year so far. This would be my third first date and let me think…third date in total. If I can recall my GCSE Maths that works out at an average of one date per person. So I’m consistent if nothing else. In the previous two 2013 dates one went ok but went no further and one went hilariously badly. So what will happen with the third? I’m not going to give away the ending but it probably went better than the previous two.


Right so we’ll get to the woman in question. Again online dating. Sent lots of messages back and forth over a few days before she suggested meeting. As an aside in my last three dates via online dating mediums they all came after the woman suggested meeting me. So she decided the best first date would be a cup of tea and a chat just to get to know each other. I was fine with that despite not drinking tea. I like laid back first dates because deep down I know they are in all likelihood going to be the one and only time I get to see them so what is the point spending serious money on dinner or doing a big activity?

She decided a Friday night. I said that there weren’t too many places (if any) that were open on a Friday night that served tea so we agreed the first date would take place in this very room where I am typing this. So she came over and yet again I need to go off on a tangent at this point. Many many years ago I wrote about someone online and used her name and I was wrong to do so. Ever since then I have given women I have dated weird nicknames so I’d know who I was talking about but no-one else bar the people in question would. So from FAJSY (Fit Ass Journalism Second Year) to WH Smith’s Girl to Lil D and LL Cool J, I have given people these nicknames so I can write about them freely and not feel as though anyone would recognise them.

So she came round and quickly I had already given a non-slick nickname to her in my head ‘Well out of my league girl.’ Look I hate the ‘league’ system and believe that it is mostly bullshit but deep down I think the likelihood of a girl who is classically stunning fancying me is shall we say remote. I’m not saying it can’t happen and I’m not saying I wouldn’t want it to happen but I am saying that I’m realistic and know my physical limitations shall we say.

She comes round and we get on, we genuinely do, we talk for hours and if I was the old ‘expert invisible body language reader’ in the room I’d be saying ‘well those two seem to be getting along well,’ We talk about many things and she has had a very interesting life and no-one really dominates conversation. She plays and fiddles with her hair like it is going out of fashion. She says she has really enjoyed her evening and leaves at some point close to midnight. I walk back into my apartment and my overriding thoughts are thus:

She is well out of my league.

We actually got on.

She was just flat out lovely.

I actually think we’ll have a second date.

What the fuck? I actually think I’m going to have a second date with a girl I think I could really like. Holy Fucking Cow.

Now this isn’t the first time I have thought this in 2013. On the date I haven’t written up I actually thought the second date was a slam dunk In fact she had actually said she wanted to do so on the first date however she changed her mind. So this isn’t the first time I have thought this and I have clearly been wrong before but I’m still sitting there thinking that I’m going to actually have my first second date for nearly two years. Hurrah!

However as we all know I’m a negative guy and always see problems and maybe I misread all the signs. Maybe her saying she really enjoyed her night actually meant ‘thank fuck I’m leaving you freak’ – I have high self-esteem. Still we text over the weekend and things seem fine and no ‘you seem nice but not for me’ texts and I’m like yeah this is a slam dunk second date and I’m internally high-fiving myself so I ask for the second date and silence.



Two days of silence later and I get this:

Hi Neil I’m so sorry for not replying sooner! I want to be honest, I bumped into an ex at the weekend which has made me question a few things. You were really good company but I need to figure a few things out before I commit to anything. I’m really sorry and hope you understand xx

Now on the surface there are two possible explanations for this. First of all she’s telling the truth and she did bump into an ex at the weekend. If that is the case she’s either bumped into him and isn’t sure of her feelings for him or whether she is over him, either that or she’s bumped into him and seen something in me in him that she either did not like or realised that physically she can do a lot better than me.

The other possibility is of course it was a nicely manufactured lie to tell me she wasn’t interested in me but didn’t want me to feel bad about it.

I replied taking her at her word:

Hey [redacted name], thank you for your honesty. That’s all I ever ask of anyone. I appreciate and understand your position. You were great company and I’d like to think that even if things don’t go down the dating route we could develop a friendship. Hope you sort things out in your head and I’m always about if you want to talk xx

So I’m basically leaving the door open and genuinely we got on, even if she wasn’t interested in me romantically I think we’d actually get on. However I do note that once you’ve had a date with someone and one party doesn’t feel anything romantic it is hard and very rare that a close friendship forms. I understand that.

That was a couple of weeks ago so I decided to follow up mainly so I could decide whether I should write this blog post or not. I knew already that her silence meant she had zero interest in maintaining contact with me but I do like writing these blog posts as I find them fascinating in my own mind and gives me something to read back when thinking about my dating history. I should also add that during this period she’s been on the dating site a lot and has been updating and changing her pictures so she’s obviously still looking to find someone and that whatever happened she certainly wasn’t dealing with ex issues.

She did respond:

Hi Neil, I’m sorry. I genuinely meant what I said in that text, I still don’t really know what I want.. Kinda hoping I’ll realize when it jumps out in front of me!! I do think you are really lovely guy, and I hope you find someone special, I just don’t think it’s me! Xx

So to recap. She doesn’t know what she wants (apart from not me) but I am a really lovely guy (but she doesn’t want to know me) and some people still ask me why I think I’m physically unattractive? My hypothesis here is basically this – if I was exactly the same person but in a better looking body I’d have had a second date. That maybe right, that maybe wrong but that is my honest opinion. Now it isn’t wrong for thinking that and I won’t knock her for having that opinion as we all know that physical compatibility does play a significant factor in whether or not you are attracted to a person. In time looks fade and the way you see somebody changes but if you just look at someone and can’t imagine doing physically intimate things with them then it is just not going to go anywhere. It just isn’t

This however is the bit that really scares me. I look awful in practically every photograph of me that I have ever seen. I really do. I’m as photogenic as I am a gourmet cook. However I have always thought that in person I wasn’t too shabby – not good looking by any means – but I could scrub up to a degree that people probably wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with me in public. Looking back through my past few dates over the past few years though and it actually seems like the opposite. I have gotten on fine with many of them (a couple I really did not) but the majority we got on pretty well but nothing would go on.

Could I possibly be actually better looking in photographs than in real life? If so then my days of being single will last many more years folks and that on one hand isn’t a scary prospect as it is a disappointing one. Either that or I have a terrible personality and I’m going to pretend that isn’t an option because if it is then I’ll actually be quite sad. I can deal with being ugly but not being the kind of guy someone wouldn’t enjoy spending time with – yeah that would hurt a little but I think we are getting to the stage where we probably shouldn’t rule it out altogether but that is a subject for another day.

To sum up I had a date with Well out of my league girl and as it turns out she is out of my league. Who knew? The date itself was fine and the conversation was arguably the least stilted of any first date I have had. It just naturally flowed like we had known each other for years. We conversed afterwards but when push came to shove and the prospect of having to see me again she just couldn’t put herself through an ordeal and who could blame her? I have to deal with me every day and I would I voluntarily spend time with me if I was something else? Quite possibly not. I’m a bit of a loser.

This brings 2013 to three first dates and zero second dates. One I wasn’t interested in but the other two were both interesting and attractive – one classically so and one the type of girl I’ve always found attractive and gorgeous with a very different style, so two I’d have happily had another date with. One I actually quite liked, the other I saw promise with. Alas neither felt the same. Onwards and upwards and they say but whilst my dating profile still lives I have not messaged anybody in the past few weeks since this date. My motivation has ebbed away and my self-belief is not there. There just seems little point in it all as whatever happens nothing good will come of it. If I can get on great with someone and they think I’m a really lovely guy and still that isn’t enough to them to want to see me again – in any capacity – then I think that says a lot.

So sorry mum. No grandkids from me (although you knew that already) but if you never see me with a partner then don’t be too surprised either. I know years ago you said you didn’t think I’d get a girlfriend until well into my 30s and you may well be right – or you may well just be being overly optimistic.

Reading back I know that sounds rather overly dramatic. I’m not down. I’m not depressed about this date or any of the others. I have learned not to put too much stock into a date until at least a second date because no point worrying about it until then.

I’m fine in who I am and other avenues of my life are plodding along quite nicely but I’m just being realistic that maybe dating and such isn’t for me. I’m sure ‘in time’ and ‘when I least expect it’ the most wonderful person will walk into my life but yeah. Deep down do I really think that is likely to happen? No. No I don’t.

At some point you look at yourself in the mirror and realise that in thirty years of living on this planet the only people you have had more than one date with were either on the rebound or stopped dating you the moment someone ‘better’ came along and you think to yourself that boy I’m really really shit at this. Sometimes in life there are things that you find out that you just aren’t good at and you deal with it, this might well be just one of those things.

Positivity boys and girls. Woo!

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September 18th, 2013 at 11:16 am

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40 Days of Dating – a genuinely thought-provoking experiment by two New Yorkers…

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When people ask me what I did with my afternoon of Tuesday 20th August 2013 I’ll tell them I read. I read a lot. As you all know I’ve not an avid reader of books but I love reading. It is just I struggle sitting with a fiction book as it isn’t real but anything that is real captivates me. Whether that is researching politics or news stories or whether, as in this instance it all about human interaction and dating then I’m all over it like the proverbial fat kid on a smartie.

This afternoon I was pointed to a BBC news story about dating and then to the website with the story – 40 Days of Dating. This is the story of two New York friends who have decided to undergo a rather unusual experiment. They are going to date but there are some ground rules. The ground rules are as follows:

We will see each other every day for forty days.
We will go on at least three dates a week.
We will see a couples therapist once a week.
We will go on one weekend trip together.
We will fill out the daily questionnaire and document everything.
We will not see, date, hookup, or have sex with anyone else.

What makes it interesting for us people who don’t know either of the two people involved is the bit about the questionnaire. They answer a set of questions every single day that has shown the ups and downs of the experiment but also shows how the two of them are truly feeling at every single point. They don’t seem to have pulled any punches and as I read on the more I got enthralled in the pair of them and what they are trying to do.

They are posting their story one day at a time so I caught up and they are currently on Day 36. So only a few days to go until we find out what happened next. Up to this point we’ve seen the two of them grow closer together and despite one of them quitting the experiment briefly it so far seems like a successful venture. When one of them quit it was in part because of what her friends thought would be best for her and that opened up some thoughts in that brain of mine.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t exactly open up to people about these things and prefer to carry my baggage internally and not pass it off on to others. However on the rare occasions I talk to people it isn’t with the goal of getting any advice, I’m possibly a bit too stubborn but I really do think it is my life to lead and my mistakes to make. This is certainly true when it comes to my private life. Friends tell me I should do this or I should do that and I learned pretty quickly that as humans we are all different so what works for one person will not work for another. We are just wired up differently. That is just how it is.

Also I have learned this about myself in that if someone says I should do something then I instinctively think I should do the opposite. I don’t know why this is, maybe it is because I think I can do things myself or maybe that I should do things myself, with no help from anyone else but it is part of me and something I have just dealt with throughout my life.

I made the decision to stop drinking despite most people thinking it is madness. I chose not to sleep with someone unless it felt right. I chose to exclude myself from certain social situations where I knew I wouldn’t feel comfortable and wouldn’t enjoy myself. Maybe I do this as some kind of self-defence mechanism and I’m certainly not the type of person who generally puts things on the line until I’m all but certain I won’t get hurt. It’s not like I’ve ever really been hurt before so I don’t even know what it is like but still I don’t put things on the line whereas in all honesty I should but something holds me back.

Still that is one thing that made me think from this experiment. The next comes from Tim:

Some women wait their whole lives to find a “soulmate,” and then they just settle for a guy who’s got a good job, or a guy with a nice apartment, or the guy who will simply stay with them. Jessie is definitely still looking for her soulmate, and I worry about this.

It is something I think about a lot. Even though I’m a guy I see very little point in settling for something with someone who doesn’t really do it for me. I think that is in part a fault but also a solid strength of mine. Many of us are blinded by the ‘Hollywood’ idea of romance and relationships. That things are perfect and everything should be all sweetness and light. The thing is the practical part of my brain knows that relationships are not like that and they are in general hard work. So the question I often ask myself is at what point do I decide a person is worth putting in that time and hard work for?

Now as regular readers and people who know me in real life who attest my dating history is about as successful as a team with Michael Jordan as GM and/or owner. As I wrote yesterday I think in the past few years there has only been two occasions where I felt a date was probably worth time and investment but maybe that is the wrong attitude to have. Who knows what can happen in time and your opinions and feelings change the more you see them – both negatively and positively. These two people were essentially forced by the rules of their experiment to spend time with each other and that in itself is an interesting concept, having to see someone every single day for forty days would scare the living bejesus out of me even if they were my best friend.

Yet again the next thing I want to bring up comes from Tim:

There are girls you date, and there are girls you marry. Jessie is definitely a girl you marry. I think Jessie won’t date a guy she feels like is a waste of her time. There needs to be a real possibility for something more.

Again I’m like Jessie. I won’t waste time or energy on someone that I don’t see something productive coming from. Now whilst my views on marriage are somewhat negative I do certainly want – no yearn – for is something real and not fleeting. However whose to say that my first instincts are right? Maybe someone who I didn’t spark with initially is the right one for me. Last week I had a date that didn’t even last half an hour and in all honesty it was over without seconds and she instead was working out how quickly she could get away without seeming overly rude. Maybe this experiment between two New Yorkers has shown that feelings can develop and people can be more opened up to them in time.

I could go on but what I think I’m trying to write is that this has been a totally enthralling. I love to read about love and relationships in a real life capacity. This particular saga has been quite wonderful to read because the two people have been so forthcoming and open about the whole experience and how they felt every step along the way. I’m not sure how I want their adventure to end. I suppose I want what I always want – for both parties to be happy going forward, whether that is as a couple or not.

What I mostly enjoyed though was it was/is a story we can all use to think about ourselves. I like thinking. I like being challenged (mentally) and humans are just a fascinating species. I see much of myself in both these people and I suspect most of us can identify bits of Jessica and Tim in us. Whilst this was no doubt for both of them, this whole experience is one that I would implore anyone to read up on, certainly if they are single and struggling with that notion, or if they are just lovers of a good human interest story. It has been written up extremely well and would probably lend itself to a book should they want to go down that route.

As for me doing something similar…I wouldn’t want to put anyone through having to see my every day for forty days. I felt sorry enough for my housemates who had to live with me, let alone having to specifically go out of their way to see me for forty straight days. I wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy.

As for Jessica and Tim. A heartfelt thank you from some guy in the UK. Your story was/is riveting and thought-provoking and that is just how I like my reading material.

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My top five worst first dates…

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Following what I can only describe as a hilariously bad first date last week it got me thinking. Did it even rank in my top five worst dates? Well I actually laid in bed and thought about it – and thought about it a lot. I tossed and turned over what the actual worst was so I decided why not write up the list and show you all that we all have bad dates and that it doesn’t really matter. So welcome to my top five worst dates but before we start we need an honourable mention for a date that didn’t make the top five despite its awfulness:

Honourable mention:

This what have been what either 2010 or 2011, I think 2011 but it could have been either. Girl was coming round for a movie, she came round and before we’d even put the film on she decided to make her excuses and leave. Now either she found me repulsive or she thought that was going to be a booty call and found out that it wasn’t, either way she went to leave but as she did she saw a plethora of empty plastic squash bottles on my kitchen floor (I hadn’t taken them over to the recycling bins for a while) and declared it the weirdest thing she had ever seen. I think she had an insanely sheltered life. Anyway she left with a ‘I’ll call you’ and I never heard from her again.

Ok pop pickers here we go and coming in – a new entry at five…

This was last weeks date. Here is some background. Last year I wrote a piece for this blog entitled How to write a good online dating profile in which I searched for the profile that I’d message most. Well bizarrely enough a couple of weeks back the same young lady appeared on another site, one I frequent (Yes I know I gave up online dating but it was the summer and I was bored – don’t worry the football season is back and NCAA Football and the NFL are but a fortnight away so I’ll be sorted for weekends for a while).

So yes same girl so of course I had to send her a message (with no mention of the blog post obviously – that would be too weird) and she actually replied. Holy cow. A few messages back and forth later she suggested we meet up. We had a date arranged but she postponed but we did reschedule. That date was last week and we met at the beach for a stroll along the beach. We were talking and getting on ok but not even fifteen minutes later she suggested we cross the road and start walking back, which we did. We got to her car and she couldn’t jump in it quick enough to get away. Pure hilarity.

I walked back just shaking my head and laughing. The whole first date lasted less than half an hour. She was the one that asked to meet and she was the one who seemed interested. I told people who knew of the date that I firmly believed it would be a one date and out job and so it turned out to be. I have not messaged her as I think it was rather plain to see she really did not like me. As I said to a friend last week, if it has got to the point where I look better in photographs than I do in real life then I have a real problem because I’m seriously unphotogenic. So yes this only makes it into fifth place on the list, mainly because it was so short and I found it so amusing that she pretty much turned up, took one look at me and was trying to work out how quickly she could get away without it being rude.

Coming in at number four…

This is from early 2010 and won’t be as long as the previous story. The background is again internet related (all my worst dates have been internet related – well I’ve only had one non-internet related date ever. Yes. Ever. That shows what a muppet I really am but I digress. We had a date organised for the Sunday but on the Saturday she said she was in town so I should come in and join her, so I did. I got into town and text her to tell her I was there and asked where to meet, she replied twenty minutes later. Not amused. So basically I followed her round some shops and we parted ways. The Sunday date was still on the books but I awoke on Sunday to a text from her saying that she had some washing up to do and was cancelling – yes folks – the famous washing up story. Not even washing her hair, washing up. My heart was not broken.

Next up at three…

Now we are going back a fair way – all the way to the end of 2004. Background is a girl on the Isle of Wight which is where I lived when not at uni. So back there for the Christmas break we met up in Ryde and within ten minutes – not joking – literally within ten minutes she decided we’d go and see her friend who was working in a shop somewhere in Ryde. She then proceeded to just talk to her friend in the shop until until the shop closed then said she was going with her friend and basically to piss off. Now this was bad but the story is not over.

A couple of days later it was New Years Eve and I had a proper full on man cold. I was out with friends at Chicago’s but just after midnight I was off home to get some sleep. I was going back to uni on NY Day to start work on my dissertation (and my uni house had Sky Sports and England were playing a Test Match in South Africa – priorities) so I go home and go to sleep. I’m woken by my phone at I dunno half two, maybe three and it was this girl. She wanted me to drive or get in a taxi over to Ryde as she wanted some. You what? You think blowing me off (not literally) after ten minutes of a first date will encourage me to go and see her for some? I mean c’mon…Unsurprisingly I said no and went back to sleep. The next day I was off the Isle of Wight and I’d never hear from her or contact her again.

A surprise at two…

I really thought this was number one but after a lot of consideration it is probably only at two. Background here is it is the middle of 2011, again she was the one that seemed interested in me and she said we should go to dinner. Now this was my first (and if I have any say – which I should have some say in it because heck I’d be on the date – my last ever dinner date). First of all I got to where we were supposed to meet and I text her to let her know and then she informed me she hadn’t even left yet (she lives in Chelmer Village – bizarrely just down the road from my mum) so I knew this was a good half hour delay. I don’t like this at all.

So anyway we meet and we go to dinner, conversation is shall we say stilted at best and I think we both knew relatively quickly that the date was not going well. So we eat and go our separate ways, when she reaches her car she gets on her phone and deletes me from Facebook so I think it is fair to assume she doesn’t want to see me again. Again not exactly a shock but this is so high in the list because I spent £40 on a shit Italian meal (I’m not exactly an Italian fan), she deleted me from Facebook double quick sharpish and the general awkwardness of the dinner date. Seriously no dinner dates for me going forward.

Finally we get to number one…

Now I struggled with this not just because I had to decide whether it was worst than date number two on this list but also because I had to decide whether it was an actual date or not. The background here is final year of university and not even a month after date number three I went to stay with a girl for a few days. We had known each other for a while through the internet (not internet dating this time) and the plan was to see if there was anything more than a friendship, she had recently split up with her partner…or so I thought…

So anyway I go up there on a Monday with plans to stay until Friday. We meet and we seemingly get on ok but it was just a bit strange. On the Wednesday I noticed she was on her phone a lot and I had to do some work so I was on the computer. I checked my LiveJournal (which is where we knew each other from) and I checked my Friends page and I sure she had written on hers that she was getting back with her ex – this was written a few hours before. So whilst I was staying with her she decided that she was getting back with her ex. Weird. Now what I should have done at this point was clearly made my excuses and leave – either then for first thing in the morning – but I didn’t. I stayed as I was a bit confused. Well on the Thursday she basically didn’t speak to me at all. So there I was in someone else’s house and the person I was there to see wasn’t speaking to me but yet again I was too dumb to just leave.

So Friday came and I had decided to leave pretty much first thing. She had decided to sleep in the spare room and so I thought I’d at least be nice and wait for her to wake up to say bye but clearly she had decided to hide in the spare room until I left. I sat around for maybe two or three hours and then just went sod it and left. I was somewhere I didn’t know but found my way to a bus stop and made my way into town to get a train home.

Out of all these five people I haven’t seen any since the date and the likelihood of me ever doing so is the same as that EuroMillions win I yearn for. I didn’t particularly want a second date with any of them but I think dates two and five could’ve given me a bit more of a shot but still such is life.

Having a date with me must be a pretty horrific experience as only four people have ever had more than one and therefore come back for seconds. Only one of these has been within the past seven years and even that person tweeted than she didn’t fancy me after our first date (she told me she didn’t have twitter at the time) and only saw me again as she was too scared of being alone. Now whilst these numbers don’t look terrific for me I suppose it is fair to say that maybe only two of these people I had dates with did I actually really want to see again and only one of them did I actually genuinely fancy. Still gutted about that one but I gracefully took her ‘I still really want to be friends’ and took a step back and put the ball firmly in her court if she ever wanted to see me again on any level, she has yet to hit that ball back.

Now I write this not because I want any sympathy but because it is both interesting and shows that we all have bad dates and we shouldn’t fret about them. Dates are there to see if you want to see another person again and in my instance most of the time both parties don’t. I think that is the same for a lot of people who use internet dating. Now I know internet dating can work and I know several people who are happily loved up thanks to the internet. However for me it seems like a game of top trumps as those rare dates just see if they can top previous ones for hilarity and awkwardness.

I wonder who’ll be next and I wonder if they’ll be able to crack this top five…

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On virginity…

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Well here we are. A few weeks short of being middle aged and writing a blog post about virginity and how I still have that label. How did this happen? Well let me tell you and let me also tell you why it is a label that shouldn’t be placed around someone’s neck but let me first tell you why today I am writing this blog post.

It all stems from yesterday when I was Googling to see how strong my blog post about being a 29 year-old virgin was doing on Google. Yes this is the type of thing I do. This might say a lot about me. Anyway I was Googling it because I get a steady stream of traffic from people searching for ‘I’m a 29 year-old virgin’ and variants there of. A couple of spots below my blog I read a post entitled ‘It happened to me: I ended up in bed with a 27 year-old virgin and my blood kinda boiled reading through the piece. If you don’t want to read it then here is the premise. Girl was just out of a long-term relationship, was dating, met a guy, liked him then when they went to sleep together he said he hadn’t done it before and this is her reaction…

Internally, I was screaming at myself to not laugh, not make a face, not judge. He definitely didn’t need that — and really, he should get points for honesty, right? But outwardly, I was ultra-calm.

I don’t think I can be the person you do this with. I’m not going to be your girlfriend, this isn’t going to be a relationship — and you probably should do this with someone who is,” I told him as placidly as possible. He just groaned.

I have bolded the bits that galled me the most.

Firstly why would anyone laugh, make a face or judge anyone who is a virgin? There are various reasons behind virginity and as a race we try not to judge on sex, on colour, on race, on sexual orientation and yet here is a seemingly well adjusted young women who is having to strain herself not to judge someone who hadn’t had sex for whatever reason. I genuinely despair but I have to say that whilst this story isn’t about me – it has actually happened to me in a similarish context.

I have never been about to have sex with someone and told them that I was a virgin and then they’ve stopped and said no. However I have had people stop talking to me and stop perusing romantic interests in me because they found out I was a virgin. I remember once someone Googling me and reading me talk openly about my virginity on this here very blog and sent me an e-mail saying basically ‘you seem like a nice guy but I have no interest in dating a boy but I’d really like to still be friends as apart from that you seem like a really great person’ only for her promptly to never speak to me again. Hilarity.

On to the next bit I bolded. Who is this woman to judge who this guy needs to lose his virginity to? He is a grown man and is surely capable of making his own decisions and knows his own mind. Just because said woman wasn’t journeying into sexual activity for the first time then does it mean she is the only one capable of making decisions on that front? It is a bit like when parents tell non-parents that they know nothing about children and never will until they have kids. One section of humanity telling the next that they are essentially inferior at making decisions just because they haven’t spread their oats and creating offspring. That is another of my bugbears.

The thing is there are two types of virgin when it comes to those that have made it through their teenage years without doing it. First of all you have the people that just want it over and done with for whatever reason and you have those who choose to not have sex until they feel it is the right person at the right time. I identify myself in the latter of these two categories. Even I have had plenty of offers in my years of circling the sun and lets be blunt here – none have even tempted me for one iota. I think that says a lot. Either I’m completely frigid or I’m strong willed and know what I want. I like to think I know the answer on that but heck you may have your own opinion.

I’m now going to tell you a story that I found sad – not sad as in ‘that’s so sad’ but as in ‘that is genuinely sad and a terrible indictment of our society’ type of sad. I used to work with someone who was a few years younger than me who was also a virgin and he got teased about it a lot. It made him depressed and feel like a second class man as it were so do you know what he did? He lost his virginity to an escort. See personally I find that sad that he felt he had to do that but I don’t know what was going on in his mind – he may have been very happy to just get it done and out of the way and has kicked on and is far happier now that perceived monkey is off his back.

See that is the point – society as a whole makes far bigger a thing about virginity and sex than they should. It seems strange that a virgin says such things but I firmly think that sex is a very personal thing and if people want to sleep around or choose not to sleep around then that is their own decision to make. It shouldn’t be societies. This is why I get annoyed at slut-shaming because if someone wants to sleep around and act like a slut then that is a decision they are fully entitled to make. Just like it is if someone chooses to be reserved when it comes to sexual activities.

In the situation linked to earlier the woman decided not to speak to the man again due solely to his virginity. She made a decision that the fact he had not yet had sex determine solely how she progressed in their relationship – basically it was something so appalling that she couldn’t bare to even know him any more. Now of course she was fully entitled to do this but I wonder how she would have reacted if the roles were different and she was the virgin looking to lose her v-card but the guy made a decision that he wasn’t the right person to take the v-card from her. Would she have thought that she was a grown woman who could make her own decisions? I’m pretty sure she would.

Also one other line from that piece. After he told her she said, ‘I went into caring stranger mode’ – why does someone being a virgin need someone to turn into caring stranger mode? He wasn’t ill. He hadn’t just lost a member of his family. He was a virgin. That was it. It really bugged me that she felt that was the correct default position to resort to.

Anyway back to me and my place in all of this. I write about this openly because I don’t think it is a stigma to be afraid of. I’m not saying I’m proud of it per se and wish to flaunt it all over the shop but it is part of who I am and I’m not going to pretend it isn’t. I like to think it is a footnote and is certainly not something that would appear on my epitaph should I curl up and die today. ‘Here lies Neil James Monnery. 29. Virgin.’ – Nah I just don’t see it and not just because I’ll be cremated.

Virginity and in turn their views on sex does not define a person – well it shouldn’t anyway. However I strongly feel that individuals are well adjusted enough when they reach adulthood to be able to make their own decisions on sex and what they want. No-one should feel that they need to make decisions for the other person in their best interests. If you know a virgin and they are happy then leave them be. If you know a slut who enjoys sleeping around then it is their decision and if they are happy then who is anyone to step in and tell them they are doing wrong?

Society dictates that women who sleep around are sluts but men who do the same are not. This again is totally wrong. Both men and women should be free to act as they please as long as they aren’t breaking the law and as far as I’m aware having multiple sexual partners or being in an open relationship is not against the law – neither for men nor women. So let people live their lives as they please do not feel sorry for me for being a virgin. I don’t and if I did I’d have lost it a long long long time ago.

Personally I am far more saddened by my inability to meet someone with whom I could share my life. There is no-one who I’ve felt I could have an ongoing emotional relationship with. Someone to share the good times and bad. Someone with whom I could create memories and a partner with whom I could share this journey that is called life with. That is far more disappointing than never having had sex and if at the end of my life I came to say that I never found anyone special to share my life with then that to me would be a far sadder state of affairs than my penis never having entered a vagina.

So if you are reading this and are in a similar position to me then don’t worry or fret. You are not alone. I know many people who are virgins and into their 20s and beyond. Some worry about it daily and some don’t. I would implore you not to worry about it and remember that you actually hold the cards in this situation. If you feel that for your own good being you need to just get it out of the way I’m sure you could find a hook up with a friend or an acquaintance. If you feel that you want to wait then remember that it is your decision and there is nothing whatsoever wrong with that and if someone has a problem with it then it is their problem – not yours.

In those situations where people have dropped off all contact/romantic interest in me because of my virginity then I think it is their loss and move on. I don’t regret it for one instant. If someone else doesn’t have the mental capacity to get over being someone else’s first then it is their issue to deal with. Personally I could see some good parts to being someone’s first as you have a blank slate to play with and probably someone who is rather eager to please. A virgin won’t have developed any bad habits and is probably rather experimental but maybe I’m biased.

I did say in the introduction I’d write about how I got to this point. Well towards the end of the first year of university I realised that it wasn’t just a simple act of going to uni and then meeting someone and the sex would follow/be plentiful. So at that point I distinctly recall making a conscious decision that I would wait until it was the right time with someone whom I cared about and who cared about me. They were the three criteria. They have yet to be fulfilled and here we are.

When I meet someone and things get to a stage where I genuinely care for them and I believe similar the other way round then we’ll be there. I’m not talking love. I’m certainly not talking marriage but I decided that I didn’t want to have sex (not just losing virginity) with anyone just for the sake of it. That was (and is) my decision to make and one I’m comfortable with. When people say things like ‘come round here and I’ll fix you’ when hearing about my virginity then it reinforces my decision in my mind (yes this actually happened – those exact words).

So here I am. A few weeks shy of reaching middle age and I’m a virgin. Do I care? Not really and the important thing is neither should you. I’m sure that when the right person comes along they’ll deal with the situation appropriately and if they didn’t then you know what – they won’t be the right person. Simple as. However if someone awesome wants to walk into my life anytime soon then I would appreciate it…

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Do girls like nice guys? Yes they do but what exactly is a ‘nice guy’?

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I’ve been inspired folks. Well I say inspired but more I read something today that made me think and do some light reading, which in turn turned into heavy reading and well here we are.

I read the following:

Is nice really enough? Logic states yes, but the heart may query. Fireworks burn fingers, but let’s face it – it’s fun.

This is the type of stuff you can read anywhere and not blink. However the source of this wasn’t random. It was written by a young lady after we’d had a date or two. I didn’t read it at the time but it has since been brought to my attention. When I say it was brought to my attention I literally just stumbled across it, Google is a bizarre thing at times. As an aside here a few weeks ago I was Googling for some advice and the top result was a blog I had written on the topic last year. So I read my own advice. It was brilliant (if I do say so myself).

So yes a young lady with whom I’d had a date or two was struggling to decide whether the fact I was a nice guy was enough for her or whether she wanted and needed someone more fun. As things turned out she would need someone more fun (or maybe just not me) and as far as I’m aware she is extremely happy with another guy so things worked out well for her. However this is not a story about my experience in this situation but more a look at the whole issue of being a ‘nice guy’ and what it really means.

The thing is there can be a distinct difference between genuinely decent people (men and women) and people who like to think of themselves as just that. Now I’m not going to sit here and type that I’m a nice guy – that isn’t for me to judge – but I will say that in the past some people have commented that I am (and in all fairness a not insignificant amount of others have said the polar opposite). I know my personality traits and I know my good and bad points.

When I was younger (and frankly more immature) I used to really lament the fact that others had partners and I did not. I thought it was unfair. I thought being a decent person was enough but then you look back and think ‘was I really a decent person?’ If I’m sitting there stewing about how unfair things are and how unfair it is that others to whom I deemed myself ‘better’ or ‘nicer’ were with great women then was I really being nice? Maybe not.

Now on my travels around the interwebs this afternoon I came across a quite startling and fascinating piece by a LiveJournal user called DivaLion which speaks about the differences between Nice Guys and nice guys. Boom. I saw bits of myself in that piece but more bits of myself from my past. I also saw bits of many people that I know in there. Many men (and to some degree women) complain about being ‘too nice’ or stuck in the friend-zone like it is one big travesty.

Well you know what. It isn’t. Just because someone to whom you had developed feelings doesn’t reciprocate them it doesn’t mean the world is unfair. It is what it is. Some guys that I know (myself included) have had women take interest in them but they didn’t have interest back. So these things work both ways. Just because you think you are a decent guy doesn’t mean everyone whom you are interested in should fall at your feet.

Personally speaking I have lost count of the amount of women who have said things like ‘you’d be an amazing boyfriend for someone’ but then they have shown no interest in me. In my head I hear ‘you’d be an amazing boyfriend but for someone else obviously – I’m not that desperate’ but that is totally unfair and my brain has had to learn that this isn’t what they are saying. Just because someone thinks that someone else would make a great partner doesn’t mean that they themselves think that a person would be a great partner for them.

We are indeed all different. That is what makes our species wonderful. We all look for different things in a partner and need different traits. Some people need sparks to fly early doors and some don’t. Some feelings burn bright from day one and others burn dimly before gathering strength in time.

Often the quote unquote ‘nice guy’ is quiet and shy. These people often become infatuated with someone and instead of doing the healthy thing and getting to know that person more by talking to them and spending time with them – or just plain asking them out. Instead of that they create this kind of fantasy world where they think that all these things could happen with said person they have become infatuated with and blaming everyone else and the world for that fantasy world not being reality. I know. I’ve been there.

This my friends is not healthy and is just flat out weird and creepy. What these people have to understand is how they would feel if the situations were reversed. If you would be weirded out and/or creeped out then really it is a no brainer. You are being weird and not acting in a way that could be described as genuinely nice and just flat out wrong.

So it is time for me to hand out some advice from someone who has in the past blamed the world and the female of the species for not being lucky in love. The thing is folks it isn’t the world’s fault, nor it is the female of the species fault. The only constant is me and whilst I’m not saying it is my fault, I am saying that I haven’t exactly been blameless in all this.

First things first. No-one owes you anything. If you like someone and they don’t like you back in that way then they are not to blame, no-one is. Just because you’ve given it your all (either in your fantasy world) or in reality and they don’t love you back then that is just the way it is. Just because you think you’d be a better partner than their current beau it doesn’t mean jack shit.

Secondly no-one owes you anything. Ok that is exactly the same as the first thing but it is so important I thought I’d say it twice (at this point I’d like to give a knowing nod to a recurring joke from the sixth season of Red Dwarf).

Thirdly many many women do actually like nice guys. Yes there are those who do genuinely have a thing for bad guys and love the thrill and unpredictability of it all and if you are infatuated with one of those women and you don’t have any of those personality traits then you know what – it might not be a great match. It should be noted here that some women can like the bad boy but in time their desires change and they’ll change the type of partner that they go for.

The fourth thing I want to say is that women aren’t bitches if they don’t love you. I haven’t exactly asked out a plethora of women in my time but I can’t recall one who turned me down doing it in any other way than extremely gently. Just because they don’t want to go out with you it doesn’t mean that you are awful or they are awful it just means that at the time of asking they do not want to go on a date with you. This could be because they are seeing someone else, they don’t find you attractive, they don’t believe that you are worth their time or whatever. The main point is the so called ‘nice guy’ doesn’t accept all offers of a date so why should anyone else? Why are we entitled to that? The fact is we aren’t.

Fifth thing is a biggie – do not live in a fucking creepy fantasy world. If you like someone then ask them out or if you are already close tell them about your feelings. At this point you’ll quickly find out where you stand and if things go well you can progress to another level and if not then at least you know and you can deal with it instead of living in this fantasy world where you think ‘if only this was different and this and this and this…’ Also there is no ideal time. There is never an ideal time so just bite the bullet and deal with it. You’d be surprised how many women even if they don’t find you attractive would find it sweet and nice and they would prefer that to knowing that you were lusting after them but in a creepy way behind their back.

There is no point moping about life being unfair and how you deserve happiness more than other people who you perceive (either correctly or incorrectly) as jerks. In my late teens and early twenties I was guilty of this. Looking back I can see that. I’d like to think I have moved on from this and don’t think anyone owes me anything. If I ask out a woman and they say no or I have a date and say they don’t want to see me again or that they only see me as a friend then I would hope (and do think) that I take that in my stride.

My best advice is clearly about biting the bullet and not taking rejection personally. We have all rejected people in life either romantically or even in general friendship senses. If we are allowed to reject others then surely others are allowed to reject us. Rejection is just part of life and when it happens there is little point blaming it on others or the world. Best thing to do is move on and if you genuinely care about someone who has rejected you then the best thing to do is respect their wishes – whether it is to leave them totally alone or take a step back or to remain as close friends. Whatever. The important thing is to respect the other person’s wishes because if you don’t then it is probably likely that you never genuinely care for them in the first place.

With that I shall wind this down. Life isn’t easy and relationships even less so but genuinely nice guys do not finish last. Genuinely nice guys often finish first. The problem is many people who identify themselves as nice are just not that nice or decent. On a personal level I like to think that I have gone through my creepy nice guy phase and that I am a relatively decent guy who doesn’t blame the world or blame a potential partner for rejecting my advances. I like to think I respect the wishes of people I care for but like I said earlier – that isn’t for me to judge. I just think in time a lot of people who blame everyone else for their woes will realise that at times things just happen – good and bad – and it is how we deal with them that shows our true colours. Also a bit of maturity and experience helps a wee bit and we all get that in time…

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June 13th, 2013 at 5:41 pm

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Are flowers on a first date appropriate?

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Well folks. I am straying back into dating blogging but before anyone gets any ideas – I don’t have any first dates lined up or on the horizon so just chill. This is more of a blog inspired actually whilst surfing the interweb and I saw the question, ‘What happened to the gesture of flowers on a date?’ and it actually got me thinking. So I thought I’d do some interweb surfing on this topic and the general consensus was pretty split. Some think it is a sweet move that shows that someone cares and some think it is creepy. Some think a single red rose is the way to go but others say that is too full on. Oh this dating lark is hard but anyway I thought I’d blog my thoughts on the subject.

I have never turned up at a date with a flower or flowers. In all honesty the thought had never even crossed my mind. Not even for a fleeting second. My thought is that would be a bit too creepy and full on for a first date but opinions seem divided. Something that I have slowly got my head around is the hardest part of the whole dating process is actually getting the date so if you ask a lady out and they agree to go on a date then that is actually the biggest hump overcome. Should you get over this hump then it all comes down to the date itself but there is at least some intrigue from the other person to give you some of their time.

At this point I think it is probably fair to say that internet dating and dating someone you’ve previously met are two different things. I would attest that to some degree there is a larger comfort level having a date with someone you’ve already met – no matter how briefly – than there is having a date with someone you’ve not actually met yet from the interweb. When meeting someone for the first time there are slightly more moving parts than having a date with someone you’ve actually physically seen. As we all know you can meet people from the interweb who don’t look like you believed and people that meet you might think you look decidedly worse in real life than via a photograph.

So with that in mind I’d say that flowers – or a single flower – and not a red rose – might actually be a rather sweet gesture at a first date if you have already met said date. If it is someone you’re having a date with from online then it is slightly more problematic. Rightly or wrongly we are all tuned into people on the interweb could turn out to be a right weirdo. Look I’m on the interweb right now and I’m a weirdo, whilst I’d say a harmless one others may disagree.

So a flower on a first date from online is to me a more dangerous first move as it puts a lot of pressure out there. You don’t know whether you’ll even get on (I know its the same when you have a first date from another source but there is less chance you’ll just not get on at all) and therefore the first thing on a first meeting being giving someone a flower is both sweet but also can be misconstrued as a bit creepy.

Now of course this is a Point of View from a guy with probably less than ten, no wait I’m not that pathetic, we’ll say less than 15 first dates under his belt. So my views my not exactly be right on the money and they may be influenced heavily by the years of low self-esteem that still scar me to this day but it is an honest opinion. Thoughtful gestures are certainly never a bad thing. Certainly if the lady has mentioned something in passing that you have remembered and showed that you listen but a flower might not be the way forward. Originality is key and remember every women is different.

So to round this off my advice as a single gentleman who can see middle age on the horizon is flowers are ok but you have to be careful. If you’ve met the person before then I’d say that a single flower is a sweet first sign and shows thought. If there is one thing I know about women (and lets be honest here – I only know a few things) but one thing I do know is women like thoughtful men and thoughtful gestures.

Look you might not get a second date but a thoughtful gesture will at least make the woman think something good about you in the future when they say things like ‘I had that date with (name) we didn’t hit it off but he was sweet and brought me a lilac, he’ll be a nice catch for someone’ or whatever. Same goes for online dating but I’d always recommend doing something more original. However all in all showing sweetness coupled with some thought is rarely a bad thing.

Happy first dating boys n girls :)

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May 29th, 2013 at 4:52 pm

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Does ‘the one’ really exist?

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A few weeks ago I was wistfully looking out of the choo-choo train and I asked myself the very question that is in the title. I wasn’t thinking about whether true love exists or whether it is possible to meet that person but it was more of a thought about how likely it was that you would meet them.

It was a thought about basic maths.

There are what just over seven billion people in the world so that is a hell of a lot of people. Now obviously not all those people want a person of the opposite sex but just for the sake of this blog lets say that they do. So everyone is looking for ‘the one’ out of 3.5billion people. The odds of winning the Euromillions jackpot are 116million/1 and not many people win that and yet many many more people believe they have found their kindred spirit and the one that they were meant to be with. If we only take say the people within 10 years of us older and younger that would still be around 900million/1.

For the point of this blog I am assuming ‘the one’ is the perfect soul-mate and that there is only one for each of us.

If you are around my age and loved Sabrina: The Teenage Witch then you’ll remember the final ever episode where Sabrina found out that the man she was due to marry wasn’t the perfect match for her. He was a very close fit but Harvey was the one she was meant for. All very sweet but also asks the question about both the likelihood of her ideal match – in the world of the human race – went to school with her and also why couldn’t she be happy with someone who was nearly her ideal match?

I know it is only a TV programme but still.

To me it seems as though ‘the one’ could in fact be ‘many ones’ as we don’t get to meet everyone in the world in our lifetime. We’ll only ever meet the tiniest fraction of people who could in theory be our supposed life partner. In this modern day era we are exposed to more people through things like the internet and social media but still in all honesty an insignificant number. So how are we meant to find the one we are meant to be with when the odds are stacked so heavily against us ever doing so?

So either ‘the one’ doesn’t exist and instead we all find people that we enjoy spending time with and enrich our lives or as a race many of us defy the odds every single day and find the person that we are ‘meant’ to be with. I know which I think is the more likely.

There are a few people who meet someone and know straightaway and they are ‘the one’ or at the very least that they are head over heels in love. However even in these situations it is often just one half of the couple who know it there and then with the other realising later. My brother-in-law knew that my sister was the one for him the moment he sat eyes on her – seriously – and at that time it seemed highly unlikely but heck they’ll be celebrating 23 years of marriage in the autumn. I was talking to a friend of mine today who celebrated 16 years of wedded bliss to his partner yesterday and when he first met her (and fell in love with her) she was married to someone else. He cursed his luck that he didn’t meet her earlier but things change and he got his chance a couple of years later after the marriage ended.

Now some could say that these are examples of ‘love conquering all’ but I just think things happen and for every feel good story like the two above I am positive there are hundreds where two people who would have been very happy together missed getting together because of them wasn’t available at the right time etc.

One question I often ask myself in bed or on the loo or on the choo-choo or wherever I’m doing some thinking is ‘I wonder if the person I end up with (assuming of course I do end up in love and with someone) is someone I’ve already met or not?’ Will someone from my past return into my life? Will someone I’m friends or acquaintances with blossom into something more? Or will someone walk into my life at some future point? Will I know straightaway? Will it be a slow burner? There are so many questions and so few answers.

People talk about a ‘spark’ and I think the evidence is there that a ‘spark’ is real but most certainly isn’t something that means a long and fruitful relationship. A spark is different for every single person. I have had that ‘spark’ with just one person in 29 years. In the end we didn’t even have a date as she had other guys interested in her and she decided to go down that road with someone else. I have had *thinks* dates with I think seven women in the six years since. Not once have I felt that spark with any of them (although a couple I certainly was interested in seeing them again).

My point is a spark isn’t something that happens at the start of every successful relationship. I know people who think sparks need to fly from the very first moment otherwise there is no point. I don’t subscribe to that view. Not every relationship is like the movies no matter how much we would all like it to be.

Feelings ebb and flow and can develop over time and finding the right person for us all will mean many different things. If/when I find the right person I’ll no doubt gush over her and it’ll be a fantastic feeling. What it probably won’t be is me finding the perfect person for me. That is statistically an extreme long shot. What is far more likely is that I’ll have found someone whose life I enrich and who enriches my life to go with being in love. You don’t need to be with your ideal person to be in love with them. It is all about finding your perfect imperfection and when all find that then we are on to something.

As for the antiquated notion that there is someone for everyone are ideal partners well that’s hogwash. The odds on that are just too extreme. If we can find someone who in our own minds are perfect imperfection then we are all on to something good – no – on to something great.

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