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‘I dumped my man because he was too reliable’ – the words of my generation

Sometimes you read an article and your head shakes in despair and your soul tries to self-combust. This is what happened to me earlier when I read that Kerry Katona had dumped her new man because he was too dull – which is arguably a fair reason to dump a man (but it doesn’t tend to lead me to be thinking I’m Kerry’s guy) but more pertinently for the purposes of this blog the other reason he got the old heave ho was because he was ‘too reliable.’

Yes a man was just too damn reliable and that is a bad thing. A very bad thing. I mean what fool would want a reliable man – certainly after having a failed marriage with a guy who got a blowjob from a stripper on his stag do and then your next relationship being with a man who leached off you both emotionally and financially? Yeah reliability in a man is such a bad trait to have.

Look I know I shouldn’t throw Kerry Katona up there as the bastion of the women of my generation. However she can’t be ignored – as much as we might try – so lets have a look at what the source said in the article in The People:

“She has made her mind up and Steve’s pretty gutted. But he accepts he and Kerry are very different people.

“She is a party girl and loves being outrageous whereas he is a gentleman and likes a quiet life.

“Kerry was smitten with him at first. She loved that he wasn’t interested in all the celebrity glitz and glamour.

“But now she’s got into partying again and wants to be out on the town.

“Since Steve moved in, in March, she has barely been out with him and has been more bothered about partying with her friends.

“She just says the magic has gone and he’s too quiet, serious and boring for her.

“When Kerry was smitten she ­encouraged him to give up his job and set up a studio at her house.

“He did all that but then she was moaning he was under her feet all the time. Meanwhile Steve felt like a home help and an unpaid babysitter. Now they’ve both just accepted they are totally incompatible. It’s been sad for Steve.

“His family are quite well-to-do. He uprooted from his home in Cheshire and really thought he could make it work.

“But as far as Kerry is concerned she’s just happy to move on.”

So yeah there we have it. She liked the idea of a gentleman, got him to uproot himself and quit his job and now she has realised that they aren’t compatible as she is too wild for him. She likes the crazy lifestyle and instead of a bit of stability she would prefer to go off the rails again and party all day and all night.

I know the love life of a former member of a second rate girl group should not be a story, however it is and all it goes to show is that there are people out there who don’t want a stable and reliable partner – even if they have been treated like shit by arseholes in the past. You can’t help some people and all it does is make me sigh that sometimes just being good and solid and reliable isn’t enough.

In this day and age even more so than seemingly in previous generations people look for the higher highs but with that become lower lows and that is ok. A nice serene existence isn’t for all I get that but it seems that less and less people are looking for that these days…

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  1. Meg Meg

    I think the real issue here is a difference in personality. Too many people like the IDEA of different personalities, but when it comes down to it, it’s not great.

    It’s not really stability she didn’t like, it’s that she didn’t like the personality differences. I feel sorry for them both, really. :-/

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      It is a sad state of affairs and I think you are right. She liked the idea of a safe man after all her famous failures and for a while she could deal with that but a leopard as they say never changes its spots and in time she just couldn’t deal with that style of relationship any more…

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