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Labour in ‘rewriting history’ shocker over cuts…

So Labour think we are cutting too much. We need to invest and not cut growth. Spending money is the way out of debt. We have heard all the rhetoric (don’t forget the fact we need to tax bankers) – excellent point voice in the back of my head – taxing the bankers is the sole way to get us firing on all cylinders again. The bankers and taxing them is the future.

However what if I told you that the coalition are making less cuts than what Labour proposed going into the election…?

proposed tax cuts
Tax Cuts by Party...

A nod first to @LDKatz71 for pointing it out and then to the original TwitPic that I saw from @JasonJHunter.

So the Lib Dems have curbed the Tories to the tune of £15bn over the course of the parliament in terms of cuts to the public sector but as we all know the Lib Dems only do what their puppet masters tell them *rolls eyes*

Labour are banging on about cuts but they would have made the same amount give or take £1bn. However as we all know their proposals would be completely different now and they would in fact save the day – until we were bankrupt then blame the bankers and want them all ritually hung in Parliament Square.

Always nice to see a pretty graphic with a solid source to blow up a myth…

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  1. You miss the crucial point that in the run up to the last general election both the Lib Dems and Labour both said that would not cut at that particular time becuase there was not enough growth in the economy. We appearing to be right then, over the past 3 quarters growth has been 0%, just as we warned it would if the Tories had won. Now we face negative growth in the next quarter and there is no sign that George Osborne would agree to a stimulus – a policy we supported when we last had a recession. We face a nightmare of making cuts in a recession, compounding the problem further.

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