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‘If you have sex you *will* go to hell’

I do love cretins. Oh wait a minute. No. No I don’t. However I do love finding random videos on YouTube that show up cretins for who they are. Today I came across a video entitled ‘Lady Gaga’s “Judas” is EVIL!!!!!’ which I have embedded below.

The poor young woman clearly isn’t totally enamoured with Lady Gaga. She says amongst other things during her rant (which involves crying) that if you have sex then you will go to hell – not have sex out of wedlock – just have sex. Now correct me if I’m wrong but surely if there was no sex then the future of the human race wouldn’t be so bright as you know – sex is used to procreate. That’s what I’ve heard on the grapevine anyway.

She also had the vast insight to foresee that the song would be played on the radio. This woman is a seer folks. We should bow down and worship at her alter. Well maybe not. She also said that anyone who has listened to this song will go to hell – end of – although she does later backtrack when she says that she’ll need to confess to cleanse her soul on the off chance that her dreams of making it to heaven are still possible despite her listening to said song.

There was more but I found it rather amusing until I looked down to the right-hand side of the screen and saw another one by the same young lady entitled ‘Justin Bieber Should Have Won Best New Artist.’ which I have again embedded below.

So she’s a Justin Bieber fan, always a dodgy start but when you start watching the video she’s swearing. I’m not sure swearing is something that enhances your heaven CV but maybe god is willing to overlook it when you are swearing about how cruelly Justin Bieber was treated. However the fun bit is towards the end when she tells the camera (and Justin Bieber if he’s watching) about how much she loves him.

There is a problem with loving Justin Bieber though. He’s having sex with his girlfriend. He’s not a virgin therefore surely he’s already punched his ticket to hell. Surely she wouldn’t want to be with anyone who is going to hell?

Anyway I just thought it was funny – funny enough to write a random blog about anyway.

To sum up – if we went strictly by the title then heaven is still a option for me but alas I have heard Lady Gaga’s Judas song therefore I’m done for. Sometimes life is just too unfair.

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  1. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    It really was quite funny to see how her tone changed when it came to Justin Bieber. Sometimes YouTube is just a gold mine for random funny stuff.

    I can’t believe that just by listening to a song my soul could be damned forever…

  2. Mind you I’ve just rewatched Bad Romanace, hey up apparently I’m already hell bound to, where is the upsdie down cross.

    The black costume has a transparent cross, the right way up. The red lingerie section has three strips going around the body and a central strip going done. Admittedly cross like but not a cross.

    And where is all the lesbian sex in the video, I’m clearly missing something. There is dancing, or is dancing sex now!

    Time to go out and watch the remake of Footloose I think 🙂

  3. OMG that is one messed up kid. She even talks about it affecting your children’s souls. One wonders how they were conceived.

    Also if by watching Lady Gaga she thinks that by praying for people they are beyond hope, what hope is there for her, she has clearly watched or listened to not just one Lady Gaga song but at least two, yet she still keeps coming back for more.

    *big dose of sarcasm above*

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