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Bookies have Martin O’Neill odds on for a dramatic return to Leicester City

I have seen a few comments on twitter and via e-mail that Pompey fans do not want Martin O’Neill to be their next manager. These people make my head hurt. Martin O’Neill is so far outside our wildest dreams (and my dreams have been wild lately – this morning I was visiting someone in prison but she was smoking hot) but who cares about my dreams.

My dream of Martin O’Neill being next Pompey manager is not going to be realised but with the news that Sven has got the sack at Leicester City the bookies are all around evens with two now having the former Leicester, Celtic and Aston Villa manager at odds on for the vacant post.

A return to Leicester would be dramatic (Neil you have already used that adjective) ok…A return to Leicester would be thrilling, sensational, electrifying (ok you are overdoing it now). It would though mean that arguably the best manager out of work at the moment was ready to drop down into the Championship.

The man who could still get the England job in 2012 (certainly if Harry Redknapp is found guilty in his court case that we are not allowed to discuss) and he isn’t out of the running for the Manchester United job when it next comes up either. Surely if ‘arry went to England next summer then Martin O’Neill is the obvious name to replace him at White Hart Lane.

Unless I have missed a big media quote where he has said he’s happy to drop down to the championship then this potential move makes no sense to me. Martin O’Neill is a world class manager. People have said he’s only achieved with money but he took a rag tag Leicester team to Cup glory and into Europe. He was extremely successful at Celtic and the moment he left Aston Villa the team collapsed. He was also very shrewd in the transfer market buying players who would be sold at vast profits.

Martin O’Neill is better than Leicester at this point in his career (no offense Leicester fans – I did also say he was far too good for my club) and I can’t see how on Earth he takes the Leicester job. I wouldn’t be backing this one at 10/1 yet he’s odds on in some places. It’s crazy. Crazy I tells ye!

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  1. ng ng

    Thinking about this some more, Billy Davies has got to be a long shot. These far Eastern / out owners with their king power mentality probably will only settle for a international celebrity. These remember are not football people. They may find however the queue is shorter than they think. Sven couldn’t attract the marquee signings he really wanted and I don’t see the owners as quick learners only impatient.The bookies talk about Ancelloti and Glen hoddle get real people. So the message is back the third choice C list manager and B list celebrity known in far off lands. get on Ole??? sorry to steal your thunder pompey fans but you could clean up.

  2. ng ng

    make u right, as a foxes fan who as most do regard mon as a legend, the bookies seem to be running scared of dumb money. I hope I am proved wrong and would like to think leicester had a replacement lined / tapped up. Time will tell but Billy Davies seems more realistic, Ole Gunner S. is a good outside bet, but if the owners want to chase their losses maybe just maybe Mark hughes at a huge price. Who knows? In modern football te dollar is king but MON is a man of principle and frankly I’d rather he was Engalnd manager at our cost

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