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Hey Lib Dems (and others) how about we #AskEdM nothing?

So Ed Miliband is doing another one of his twitter #AskEdM do dahs on Wednesday. My timeline has been filled with Lib Dems (and Tories if I’m being fair) tweeting questions using that hashtag that are clearly a) never going to be answered, b) pointless political point scoring and c) really rather sad.

Here are some recent questions I have found doing a twitter search for #AskEdM

#askEdM Ed, what do you think is to blame for the current crisis – sunshine, moonlight, good times or ‘the boogie’?

#AskEdM If you were to tie me to a bed, would you use ropes or cuffs? @Ed_Miliband

#AskEdM Have you ever worn the missus’ knickers to a big debate? You know, just for luck.

#AskEdM – why do you keep standing underneath that incontinent seagull? – I will be honest – that one was funny.

#AskEdM How does it feel to be an unprincipled wankshaft running a party with no socialist leanings?

and so on.

I’m no Ed Miliband lover and really this PR stunt can only backfire. It can’t end well but why don’t we just let people with serious questions like ‘How about asking whether the public has forgiven the party that caused tens of thousands of deaths in an illegal war? #Lab11 #AskEdM‘ get through? Just spamming the hash-tag with various stupid questions and ones that no-one is ever going to put to him let alone answer is just pointless – not to be confused with #pointless – which is totally awesome.

Ed Miliband maybe a bit of a tit but there are millions of people who want to hear what he has to say. If Nick Clegg was doing something similar you’d first of all question his PR people but secondly you’d get very annoyed with all the spammers sending him abuse and going on about how he betrayed his voters.

So why not let’s take the high road on this and just watch it play out? Sometimes I despair at MPs in both the Commons and in the media acting like babies but sometimes we don’t cover ourselves in glory either and twitter is without a doubt the worst place for that.

I have a motto of treating everyone how I’d like to be treated and in turn I’d like people to trat others with the respect that they in turn would like to get for themselves. Well we’d like the respect if we were holding a public Q&A via twitter so give Ed his respect and listen to what he has to say. It’ll probably be a load of rubbish but until then let’s allow him his podium and we can discuss (and probably deride) what he actually says afterwards…

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    WITH GUEST SPEAKERS Norman Collier, on connecting with the people of the uk……and main speaker, sir
    Stanley Unwin, who will explain in detail the future
    plans to take this country out of third world status
    by “purloining the sociobred feelygood earlywakey wormycaught hoodyhughugdreamy tongueabusers”
    also cameo’s from the scriptwriters of ‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’ collectively known as ‘PINK STAINS’ and their fight against male-female relationships…
    refreshments will be available and donated by ken kesey and the merry pranksters in the makeshift micro dot tent…also entertainment from the previously ‘banned’ ‘Vivid soul rockout’ who reduced most of the audience to some reaction including, mental problems, nausia,defacation,self harm,spasms,and all done in the key of e-minor white noise amplification….part of the ‘darkartgeneration’…….
    no feedback as yet from the last concert.

  2. Your intentions are admirable but politicians reap what they sow.

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