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Day: September 2, 2011

Nadine Dorries is just a a conduit for God to use (with nice Adolf Hitler link)

Not my words folks. Her own. Yes just when we thought that Nadine Dorries had no lower to go when talking she goes and gets the Royal Flush of insaneisms (yes I know that isn’t a word but it really should be – its great).

Nadine Dorries God
I'm just a conduit for God to use

As you may have seen elsewhere as it has been bouncing around the blogosphere today, Nadine Dorries in an interview with The Salvation Army has said that she is only an MP because God decided that is how it should be. It has nothing to do with her or anyone else making a decision using their own free will. She is an MP because the puppet master that is God who is playing out her life for her (and I presume everyone elses) thought that if he had one of his people on the inside on backbench politics then it was a sure winner.

I would argue that if God wanted control then he’d use a better conduit – maybe the President of the United States, or the Prime Minister or whoever is in charge of Manchester City Football Club. They all have power and would be a much better conduit than a backbench MP who at the time was in opposition so not even in the government.

Using my so called logic I have to argue whether or not God made the decision that Nadine Dorries would become Nadine Dorries MP. I would say maybe the people on the Mid Beds panel decided that she was the best person for the job but I understand that as a non-believer I know nothing. I’m just a silly little boy with no understanding of the greater work that a being with the power to create a universe has in store for every single one of us.

If God really is a puppet master using people as conduits then I wonder why he got Nadine Dorries to go after a married man and then have sex with him causing the man to break one of the ten commandments. That doesn’t sound like something God would do. He wouldn’t put someone in a position to break one of his own commandments condemning them to Hell would he? Maybe I’m just being a tad cynical here and in fact there is a greater plan.

Look I hate the God defence has you cannot prove it one way or the other. If a defendant in court says that he murdered his family because God used him as a conduit then he would be laughed out of court and found guilty. You cannot use the God defence to justify anything and it doing so all you are doing is making it out that you are a superior person to others because God is using you.

You want to know something folks? Nadine Dorries is not a superior person. She is all flesh and blood like you or I. She makes her own decisions using free will. If she wants to say that it is all God’s work then so be it. If she wants to be delusional then that is her prerogative. The thing is we need to remember that it isn’t true and she cannot use the God defence for good when she also does bad.

We have been given the power and ability of independent thought. It is a wonderful thing. I think and hope we all use it and in her case she does but she hides behind her God line. Adolf Hitler once said, ‘Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.’ We knew he was wrong – so very wrong – no-one can justify what they do because it is the will of God. We do things because we feel it is the right thing to do. Whether what we do is right or wrong has nothing to do with God but to do with us and who we are.

Nadine Dorries has the same thoughts as Adolf Hitler that she is doing God’s work. It wasn’t right when he did it so is it right when she does it? That is only a question that she can answer but in conclusion I think it is fair to say that I disagree with her completely. You can believe in God and you can believe that he can influence you in your decisions in life but to say that you are doing God’s work and that you are just a conduit for him to use is just not believable. You have to take charge of your own life and whatever you do – you do – it isn’t because someone was using you or your body for their own will.

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I have to disagree with a Lib Dem MP…

So this lunchtime when I read this article entitled BBC bosses face grilling from MPs over controversial Formula One rights’ sharing deal I wondered who was the MP who has caused a stir. The answer would be Lib Dem MP for Bath Don Foster.

Now I have written before about what I think of the BBC/Sky deal and it is not ideal – not by a long shot. However it is pretty clear how the deal went down. There is enough out there that you can quite easily cobble together a timeline for what happened but Don Foster doesn’t seem overly keen on reading up the background to the matter. He has written to the BBC Chief asking for answers and has said that, ‘The least fans deserve is a clear account of what happened.’

Well Don. Let me help.

The BBC had it’s budget cut by the coalition government. One that you are a part of due to your Liberal Democrat links. Therefore the BBC had to save 20% from its sport budget. This meant is essence one of the big four of Wimbledon, MOTD, Six Nations and F1 would in all likelihood have to go. Wimbledon and MOTD were pretty much safe – the belief inside of BBC Sport is that they are the two crown jewels of their yearly output (obviously Olympics, World Cup, European Championships are not yearly events). Therefore Six Nations Rugby or F1 had to go.

The RFU have reached an agreement with the BBC over the Six Nations rights but have yet to announce them. Therefore F1 was on the outside looking in but the BBC had award winning coverage and they wanted to see if there was a way to keep the sport on the channel. Neither ITV or Channel Five showed too much interest but Channel 4 was around but wasn’t keen on starting in 2012 preferring to begin in 2013. A share between Channel 4 and the BBC was possible but being a commercial partner Channel 4 would have wanted the premier races and they still wanted a 50/50 split of costs. This was not acceptable to the BBC.

Therefore the BBC approached Sky to talk to them about a deal that would save around £25m-30m for the channel but still giving them half the races live. Sky who have this year showed much more interest in the sport knowing the current Concorde Agreement was up at the end of 2012 were keen on doing a deal. Financially it made sense for all three parties. The BBC has ten races live a year and the option to run full delayed coverage of all the other races in prime-time in the evening. Sky has every race live and will include many of the support races. Bernie gets a lot of cash. Everybody is a winner.

Whilst some – well many – well say that those who cannot afford a Sky subscription are big losers I wonder where was Don Foster or other MPs when all live Cricket left free-to-air TV? This deal is far better for the F1 fan than it is for the cricket fan. There is no live cricket on free-to-air TV any more only highlights. At least this way F1 fans can still watch every race – in full – on free-to-air TV albeit only half of them live with the others delayed but shown the same day either on BBC1 or BBC2 or behind the red button and with the digital switchover set to be completed next year then everyone will have red button and interactive options.

The one line that really got my goat in the report was ‘He says the deal has led to disappointment among angry fans, who would miss out on seeing their idols such as Brits Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.’ Well Don. They won’t be missing out. Remember every single race will be played in full on free-to-air television on the same day. With half of those races live and half of them delayed by up to five hours.

As they say on the BBC News on Saturday evenings ‘If you don’t want to know the result then look away now’ – it is easy to keep away from a race result and watch it in full without knowing it later in the day. Spend the afternoon with your kids or with the other half. Go out for a walk. Yes I know it’s not perfect – not by a long shot – but this was the only option available as the BBC were ready to pull out of the sport completely and had they done so Sky may have swooped in and taken all the races live and left only highlights up for grabs.

I’d have preferred it if the whole championship would have continued live and uninterrupted on the BBC but that wasn’t on the table. We have seen what a butchers of Athletics Channel 4 has made and after seeing that I suspect Bernie is thanking his high heavens that Channel 4 are nowhere near his sport. F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and it deserves the best coverage possible and in the UK that means Sky Sports and/or the BBC and that is what we have got.

So there is no need to find out how this all went down. The information is out there. Use google and stop wasting time.

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