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Day: September 12, 2011

So George Osbourne used to snort cocaine – who gives a rats you know what?

So there is breaking political news. George Osbourne apparently used to snort cocaine back in the day – that is according to a former sex worker who used to take it with him.

First of all I must say in total honestly that I am no George Osbourne fan. There are some decent Tories (Ken Clarke, William Hague) then some pretty bad Tories (Michael Gove, Teresa May) and then you get to the dregs (George Osbourne, Nadine Dorries). Osbourne was the key man who shaped the #NotoAV campaign and was the man whom convinced David Cameron that he had to attack the Lib Dems on this otherwise it may be a huge turning point in politics in the UK – and not one that the Tories wanted. It was Osbourne who threw lots of mud behind the scene and got Fleet Street and the Labour Party to make the muck public. It can’t be stressed enough that George Osbourne is not a good man when it comes to playing fair. It is all about winning for Osbourne and if the only way to win is to play dirty then so be it.

Having said all that I just don’t give two hoots that he used to take cocaine. I suppose the bigger story was when he was taking but this story does not state that he has been taking the drug during his time in #11. If it did then obviously his career would be over but in all honesty if he was doing drugs before he got into that job then really…

There are what 650 MPs in this Parliament and I’d be shocked if less than 20% of them have taken hard drugs in their life. Shocked. Also I’d be shocked if less than 5% have taken during their time as an MP. People take drugs. Drugs are part of the banking scene or any big-wig job so why would it be any different in the Houses of Westminster?

I’d love to see George Osbourne forced out and Vince Cable inserted into #11. That won’t happen but man it’d be quite something if it did but in all seriousness I think if this story goes anywhere and it results is Osbourne leaving his job and going to the backbenches then it’ll be a sad day. Not because we’d have lost an excellent chancellor (we wouldn’t be) but because people make mistakes and people have skeletons in their closet. All of us do. In that story it also says he likes kinky sex. So what?

It is like partaking in kinky sex is a taboo if you are an MP. Well it sure as hell shouldn’t be.

I just can’t get worked up about this and I’m trying. I really am. Any opportunity to attack George Osbourne would seem like a good one but as it stands today it doesn’t seem to me that the ammunition is there – and if it is – then to me it is not the right kind of ammo.

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