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Day: September 1, 2011

Why are Tories such prudes when it comes to gay kissing on TV?

I read the following article yesterday entitled Tories cold on gay kissing over on Politics Home and the content wasn’t a huge shocking. The piece was about a survey done on what is acceptable to broadcast on TV both before and after the watershed and the options were a straight kiss, a married kiss, a gay kiss and a lesbian kiss.

The results were unsurprising as in the party affiliation breakdown we saw that the Lib Dems are in general the most chilled out about what they see on their television sets. Both they and Labour don’t mind straight kissing or married kissing. The Tories though aren’t totally enamoured by a straight kiss but that goes up a bit when it comes to a married kiss. If you are married then as all Tories know then all bets are off. Marriage is the answer to a whole host of societies problems *rolls eyes*

The interesting part however is when we get to all-boy and all-girl kissing. Here the Lib Dems lead the field by a country mile. A very similar percentage answered that they didn’t mind seeing gay or lesbian kisses compared to straight and married kisses at around 65%. Go Lib Dems. Labour dropped off to 45% of people were ok with a gay kiss but only 40% were ok with a lesbian kiss.

Then we get to the Tories. 22% of those who responded to the question and identified themselves as Tories said they were fine with a gay kiss. That is a third of the Lib Dems and half of Labour. Why are the Tories against gay kissing so much? That means that 78% of those surveyed were not ok with a gay kiss on TV before the watershed. Then though looking across the graph that a lesbian kiss is ok according to 32% of Tories. So 10% of those asked who identified themselves as Tory were not fine with all-boy kissing but that all-girl stuff – yes please!

That is the biggest shocker of them all to me. What is the difference between two guys kissing and two girls kissing? None whatsoever. I just don’t get why anyone would be fine for one and not the other. In all fairless Labour saw 5% of those who were fine with all-guy kissing vote no to all-girl kissing. The Lib Dems saw a 2% differential.

Personally speaking I couldn’t care less. Kids will need to learn at some point that sometimes it isn’t just married mummy’s and daddy’s who kiss but also unmarried people and get this – people of the same sex. It should be accepted and embraced by society. Being gay (whether you are male or female) is not something to be stigmatised and the sooner young people are indoctrinated into the fact that it is ok to be different to the norm then all the better in my eyes. The fact that Tories see the family unit as the utopian future to me stinks and shows that many supporters of the party do not live in 21st Century Britain. The differential staggers me beyond belief I must say and this poll is another reason why I’m sure the Liberal Democrats are the right party for me and a party with a healthy future. The world is changing and becoming more liberal and in time the liberals will run the world.

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