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Things have been going on in my life over the past few days and one thing has struck me – no matter how hard you try – in this era of the World Wide Interwebs there is very little secrecy. Now I work on the Web, it is my domain, so I should probably have realised this a long time ago. The URL to my blog is my name so anyone searching for me will come across me and will come across me in various other forms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc…) so it is hard to have secrets.

I have chosen to be this way but at times it has come back to bite me in the bum. Several years ago there was an incident shall we say where I wrote about someone else that I knew and a situation they were in. I named names and someone we both knew saw it, forwarded it to the person and let’s put it this way, not a good situation. Now when all is said and done I was in the wrong. Had it been in a diary where no-one else could’ve seen it then I’d of probably been ok but as it was in a public forum then I had strayed over the line. I have since apologised for this and have been far more guarded with aspects to my online presence.

However having my own blog and website no matter how small has once again shown me that writing on the interwebs can be dangerous. I have not written anything on here that I think would offend anyone I know in any way. Yet by seeing who is coming into the blog and the entry paths they have taken to get here it is a bit certainly a of an eye-opener!

In this day and age nothing is secret…

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