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Day: September 10, 2010

Awful Service

I just had to post about the absolutely shocking service my sister & I received at the Halfway House along the seafront between Thorpe Bay and Southend the other day. It was a carvery and I’ve never had a carvery so it was a tad exciting as I had no idea what to expect. Anyway we ordered at the bar and then walked round to where the carvery was. There was an extremely long queue, this was not a good start. My sister went back to our table and moved our drinks nearer to the carvery as there was plenty of space.

Anyway as we waited the Turkey got taken off as it had gotten too cold so they had to wait to get another one ready. Not good. We must have been queuing for twenty minutes before we got to the head of the queue. Not amused. We only got through that quick because some people in front of us only wanted Turkey and not the other alternatives (Gammon or Beef). So we got our meat but by then there were no Roast Potatoes left. Seriously not impressive.

We go and sit down and then some roasts come out so we go back and get some. Fair enough. Some of the food was stone cold but to be fair the meat was superb, I’ll give them credit for that. Anyway when we moved we had apparently moved from the bar to the restrurant area. The waitress tried to charge us again for the same meal we had already paid for at the bar! The fact that we had to have a payment receipt to get food had clearly bypassed her intelligence levels…

She was about to go through with making a real shit about it before my sister brought up my disability. Wow. Never seen that line used in a long time. As the waitress turned to look at me my hand was clearly withered so she apparently just gave us a dirty look and a lecture about how the bar and restaurant areas were separate for a reason. I wasn’t even looking at her as by then I just wanted to eat and get out of there but my sister took me of the filthy look she gave me and my hand.

So we eat and leave pretty quickly and d’ya know what? The people who were waiting for the Turkey were still in line waiting for it. They were ahead of us in the queue and we’d waited 20 minutes and it took 20 odd minutes for my sister to finish eating (I’d whoffed it down as I hadn’t eaten anything substantial on Saturday) and yet they were still waiting. Absolutely awful. Just disgusting. This is why I always prefer take-away as you can eat in comfort at home. Eating out when you’ve had poor service only leads to me wanting to eat and get the hell out of there.

So Halfway House along the Seafront between Thorpe Bay and Southend gets no stars on the star scale. The only good part was the meat was nice – everything else was cold and the service was pathetic. Avoid at all costs and try the Harvester in Shoebury.

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