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Just like they say – it is a small world

So a bit of background. Late last year/early this year I was on a rather famous dating website. I’m not any more due to the fact that it became clear that I don’t exactly have pulling power through photos or my words so it was rather pointless. However I did speak to a few people on there and even had a date with one (who cancelled a proposed second date because she had and I quote ‘washing up to do’ – yeah exactly).

Anyway one of them I still speak to on occasion but we never met due to the fact that I don’t want kids and that for her is of utmost importance. I know she only lives a mile or so up the road but still our paths have never crossed. So we get to last night and I’m sitting on the railway platform listening to my iPod and I glance up and look over to the other platform. I instantly knew it was her. I didn’t do anything incase it wasn’t (and my train was coming in).

When I got home I left a message on her Facebook wall asking if she was on said railway platform at said time and she said she was. So there we go – small world. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever just randomly bumped into someone I know from the interwebs but not met before and I don’t think I have. It happened at uni before actually when I was playing 5-a-side v a team and I recognised their goalkeeper from a website we both used. That however was seven odd years ago.

My other experiences of said dating website were not terrific. One person when I told them I was a Virgin said I should come round and she would and I quote ‘sort me out’ – yeah not exactly my cuppa tea there. One seemed to really like me until she added me to Facebook and saw other pictures of me – and then she never spoke to me again and deleted me off Facebook quick sharpish. Another said that she was always too busy at work to meet anyone (so why is she on a dating website?) and lastly I was going to meet someone, she cancelled that morning and then didn’t speak to me again (coincidentally her Facebook pic changed from just her to her and a guy a few days later).

So yeah – my experience with the big famous dating website was shall we say poor and singledom seems even more probably for the short and medium term futures at the moment. The whole hermit and working from home thing really doesn’t bring one into contact with many members of the opposite sex. Doesn’t bring me into contact with many people in fact but heck such is life.

No-one who knows me should be buying any hats anytime soon!

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