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Random stuff from today (so far)

Sometimes in life you just notice things more when you take a step back and stop thinking. Today whilst getting my lunch I sat back on the stool where I was sitting and looked out of the window for five minutes and watched and listened to the world go by. First thing I noticed was a car with a driver and two passengers (all teenage girls) just park horrendously. There was easily enough room for two cars in the space but they parked right in the middle so no-one else could park there. Very inconsiderate.

Next someone walking into the chippy clearly knew the new person behind the till. (For the record – new person is awful – slow and just bad at her job). Anyway she charged her friend less money than it actually should’ve been. (55p for a sausage instead of 80p). I know it’s only 25p but I thought that was rude considering there were several of us in there that clearly saw it. Also she served her friend before me even though I’d been waiting several minutes whilst she remembered to put the Curry Sauce in the microwave. Shocking I say. Shocking!

Earlier in the day I had been to the barbers to get my hair cut. Same woman who did it last time. The best way I think I can describe her is a typical 40 odd year-old Essex girl. You can tell she’s been through the mill, that haggard look on her face and her soul having been dragged the muck of life. Still a MILF though. Luckily for me she worked out relatively quickly that I’m not a talkative sort and she just got on with cutting my hair. That bit though at the end where they show you the back of your head – I doubt I would ever say ‘Nah – I don’t like it’ – I have never even heard a person complain about that bit but she said it does happen. I said she could cut crop circles in the back and I doubt I’d say anything.

The guy next to me was being given the most traditional questioning ever by a hairdresser ‘So been anywhere nice on holiday this year?’ – I inwardly chuckled to myself. I had already sucked conversation out of my hairdresser and was sitting there mentally dancing to Zombie Nation. If a hairdresser is going to drag me into conversation then it better be about something interesting. No I haven’t been on holiday and no I’m not planning to do so. What is your second question now the holiday issue is sorted hairdresser?

As I suspected…silence.

Lastly I just took a package in for #4. I have no idea who lives at #4 (well I do as I just saw the name on the package) but it is weird that I’ve taken a clearly important package in for someone even though I have no idea who they are. Being apartments I’ll go and leave it outside his door and it’ll be fine but still strange. The delivery girl wasn’t half bad either however she had a young sprog with her.

As someone said to me the other day ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ and as I replied ‘I don’t have a lot of bait and I mostly throw back what I’ve caught anyway’


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