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Well being one of those people who actually doesn’t have any sort of social life, I am an avid X Factor watcher. What else is there to do on Saturday evening’s in autumn and winter? (Don’t answer that…)

Anyway last night we saw the two ends of the spectrum. We’ll start off with the bad. These are the type of people that make me feel sick. Two girls named Abby and Lisa who are deluded, nasty, bitchy, pathetic and depressingly the norm in the UK these days.

Just how awful is that?

However there are good times as well. In the middle of the show we were introduced to Cher Lloyd. Cher is a 16 year-old Performing Arts student who came on in very ripped trousers and seemed a tad nervous. She chose to sing a song I had never heard of, but a remix, by an artist I’d never even heard of before. The last time someone did this it was Diana Vickers audition and I loved that audition.

Anyway I digress.

Here is Cher…

The best audition on any of these shows that I have ever seen. This girl may very well be an absolute star someday. There is a gap in the market for an artiste like her and if she can keep it together she might well be made.

It is no shock that it was the most watched YouTube video in the UK today either…

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