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Samantha Brick just won’t go away…

Talk about having it good. Write an article that is going to be controversial and blow-up, get your 15 minutes of fame and get paid dollar bills y’all for writing follow up articles and going on daytime TV to defend yourself.

That my friends is how to do it.

So most women are jealous of her because of her looks. Interesting. She has come out and defended herself today by saying that her father installed it into her that she was/is beautiful. That is fine. Most fathers tell their daughters that they are beautiful. We can all agree with that. However what I still don’t get is why this leads to other women being jealous of her because of her looks. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

We can all believe that we are beautiful. I have no problem with that. If she believes then she is beautiful then good for her. Some of us would love that large dose of self-confidence. However just because she believes that she is beautiful that doesn’t mean that society with necessarily agree. Societies view of beauty is often different to that of individuals. I can say that Sophie Ellis Bextor is beautiful but others might disagree. Neither myself or those who disagree would be correct as beauty is all about individual perception.

I think her comments boil down in two important and distinct ways.

I don’t think many of us at all have a problem with her believing that she is beautiful. We can all believe what we like. I know that physically I am not beautiful. I know that and am very comfortable with that. One day someone may think differently as they will have a different perception of me to me and that is fine. We can all have perceptions and views on ourselves that are valid and we do not need to defend that view to others.

However the second point is whether people are jealous of her because of her looks. That is a different matter altogether. Some people might be but it seems that it is just as (if not far more) likely that people don’t like her because of her arrogance and inflated sense of self-worth.

Women always tell me that confidence is a turn-on but arrogance is a turn-off. I think this maybe apt in this situation. She is so strong and confident that she is beautiful she may well be flaunting that and that will knock people’s noses out of joint. I have never met this lady and I suspect I never will. I’m probably not beautiful enough to be in a shared space with her. However in the way she has written her two pieces and her appearance on This Morning it seems her self-confidence has spilt out into arrogance. She believes she is more beautiful than other people and that never goes down well with women or men.

She writes about how she thinks she is her fathers number one daughter. She thinks and yearns to be the favourite. She wants to desperately feel that she is better than even her siblings. That isn’t how normal people feel is it? I know I don’t feel the need or yearn to be the favourite of my mum and I never did with my dad. They loved of us equally. Some of us may have needed more love and care at times but the undercurrent of love was solid across us all. Surely that is the norm amongst all families?

I am not jealous of Samantha Brick because she is beautiful. I am not jealous of her full stop. I suspect most people who know her are not jealous of her in any way whatsoever. What they might have is a dislike of her because of her attitude. The old adage is ‘Beauty is only skin deep’ but beauty goes a lot further than that. Real beauty goes deep down and this woman seems to have missed that concept. I couldn’t care less what she looks like but the way she acts is far from beautiful.

My life would no doubt have been – and would be – easier if I was beautiful on the outside and ugly on the inside but I’m quite content to be less attractive on the outside and hopefully more beautiful on the inside. That is of course up to every-bodies individual perception of me but I’d prefer to be known and seen for having inner-beauty than outer-beauty and hopefully that is how people see me.

So good luck with your life Samantha Brick. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. I hope things work out for you but don’t think people are jealous of you for being beautiful because seeing the way you act and what you write there is very little beauty on show.

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