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Day: April 27, 2012

Is this Nottingham Labour leaflet racist?

This lunchtime I saw a bit of a kerfuffle on twitter over a leaflet produced by the Labour Party in Nottingham and that leaflet being potentially racist. I thought I’d have a look and here is the leaflet itself:

Nottingham Labour Leaflet Front
Nottingham Labour Leaflet Back

There is also a good piece about it on LabourList entitled “This is not what I expect from the Labour Party I joined”.

I am not sure it is racist per se but it is certainly absolutely awful and shows the depths some people will go to in election literature. It is possibly the worst piece of literature that I have seen in this election campaign. Why do people (and this includes all political parties) talk about other people instead of talking about themselves? This leaflet basically says that ‘if the BNP and EDL want it then it must be bad’ instead of saying ‘elected mayors is bad because…’

According to Stace over on her blog in a piece entitled Nottingham Labour have some explaining to do says it also breaks guidelines from the NEC:

“No Labour Party resources – either in cash or in kind, and including the national membership system and the national electoral database – may be used to campaign in any of these referendums.”

So only only it is gutter leafleting at its very worst it is also going against guidelines.

It is no wonder people are getting annoyed with politics when people will break guidelines and plunge to new depths in an attempt to get what they want. Whipping up racial tension along the way. It just sickens me.

I’m just proud my election literature focuses solely on what I believe I can do, what the party as a whole in Southend would like to do and what the Lib Dem Councillor in my ward has already been doing in the ward.

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