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If this story and video doesn’t make you cry then…

When you are down it is easy to think of how horrible and unfair the world is. Yet in reality the sanitised world that the vast majority of those who ever stumble across this post live in is nothing compared to what it really out there. I haven’t travelled the world and my spectrum is rather narrow but I know that I’m incredibly lucky compared to the majority of people on the planet.

This afternoon I was going through videos on YouTube – mostly The Voice auditions but then I came across an audition by Sung-bong Choi on Korea’s Got Talent. This 21 year-old had lived on the streets since he was five. He lived on the streets, in public toilets, in stairwells and in container boxes for all his child-life after the age of five. I just have no idea how anyone could live like that and yet sadly millions of children do across the globe.

In all honesty even had he stunk and not been able to sing it wouldn’t have mattered because his back story was inspirational enough. He didn’t seem to show any emotion. I suppose when you are so downbeat you tend to lose the power of emotion and feeling entirely. He said that singing was his only escape from the reality around him. Then he sang and if the video underneath doesn’t make you well up then I’ll be positively stunned.

Just breathtaking. It really was. He would go on to come second in Korea’s Got Talent last year and you hope that the future is bright. However you do fear for him that someone who has been alone for his whole life now has a whole country watching him. His social worker is concerned too. Speaking to CNN she said, “On the one hand, I really hope he is successful but on the other hand, I’m very worried that he might be hurt by all this somehow… all this overwhelming interest might be too much for someone who’s been abandoned all his life.”

All I can say is that every so often it is good to be grounded by a dose of reality of what is out there. We all get annoyed and frustrated when the internet isn’t working or a friend cancels on us at the last minute or whatever. Sometimes though it just pales into insignificance compared to what millions of people face each day.

I just hope that he can find some peace and a future. The sad thing is it is but one case amongst millions

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  1. Sue Manning Sue Manning

    This is so beautiful Neil. thank you for sharing it.

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