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Chris Foy derided on social media

So Chris Foy sent off two Chelsea players, booked a large handful and gave a penalty against them this afternoon in the live Super Sunday 4PM game at their old rivals QPR. Looking at the raw stats you might question it but watching the game as a neutral I saw nothing major that denoted Foy having anything but a pretty good game.

However my neutral view seems to be out of phase with that of Chelsea fans who believe that he not only had a bad day at the office but was also doing it on purpose due to a vendetta against the club. I saw a tweet saying that the ref had sent off Alex in a game at Fulham and therefore that was proof he had an issue with the club. Yeah…

There have been plenty of tweets saying from the boring ‘Chris Foy 1-0 Chelsea’ to the more abhorrent ‘Chris Foy is a **** )you know the word) to the much retweeted ‘Chris Foy should never referee a Premier League match again’ and everything in-between.

So let’s have a quick look at the three big issues.

Firstly the penalty was not a stonewaller but David Luiz was just stupid. Did he have to shove the QPR attacker in the back when he had no chance to get the ball? No he didn’t. It’s a foul all day long outside the box and a penalty is just a foul that happens to be inside the box. Therefore a penalty was a fair call.

The Jose Bosingwa red card was likewise not a stonewaller. The problem though is once the referee decides it is a foul then it is a red card. John Terry was not in a covering position as he is not getting between Shaun Wright-Phillips and the ball before SWP has a shot on goal. Was it a foul? I’m not sure and the replays were inconclusive. At full speed it looked dodgy so I can see why he gave the straight red.

As for Didier Drogba. That is a straight red every day of the week. No need for debate. If you leave the ground with both feet and studs showing you are going for an early bath.

Yes lots of Chelsea players saw yellow as well but most of them seemed pretty fair. Had he not blown for full-time when he did then Ashley Cole would have been sent off as well as he fouled Tommy Smith I think it was as Smith was going clear down the wing. Cole was already on a yellow so that would have been a second yellow and a red. David Luiz could easily have gone as well for several fouls when already on a yellow.

Terry and Lampard both got booked for going forehead to forehead with QPR players (the QPR players got booked too). Mikel’s yellow was clear-cut as was Cole’s. I can’t recall the other ones off hand but I don’t remember sitting there and thinking ‘Foy has lost this game’ and I certainly never thought ‘Foy is deliberately screwing Chelsea over’.

The hounding he is getting on social media is sad to see and we wonder why so few people want to become officials?

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  1. nambi nambi

    this stupid should be stopped from epl.otherwise nobody even fucking blatter cant save foo(t)L BALL

  2. chazqpr chazqpr

    Luiz penalty against Helguson was soft but a penalty nevertheless. Luiz nudges him in the back, never going to get the ball. Stupid. Helguson goes down like a big girl but let’s be honest, so does everyone else.

    Lampard ‘penalty’ also a huge long shot. He just fell over while running for the ball. That wouldn’t be a free kick anywhere else on the pitch. There was a similar decison given against us at Villa and there Abonghalor had been tugged slightly and went down. Not so lamapard – who by that stage was desperate to get anything out of the game.

    Drogba sending off was fair. Boswinga one – pretty unfair.

    Luiz penalty – ridiculous theatrics. Everyone gets that tight in the box.

    Better with 9 than you were with 11 – and the better side with 9. Fair play.

  3. Nonsense by Neil Monnery. Man u needed to remain 2nd dats just why chelsea were treated in such manner… Say the truth when you know it… FA, so bias. Jeez.. I’m not surprised you don’t see many english refs on the international scene. Stupid people…

  4. seth seth

    yo neil, kenny is not booked.
    i watch the game and terry was the only person who got booked, i saw in many web that kenny is not booked too.
    see when QPR’s player slapped ivanovic?
    why its not foul? (same reason when derry rush lampard)
    saw the game last season united – arsenal?

    i’m laughing when FA wanna take reaction for AVB comments
    poor AVB, why in england the managers can’t express their feelings?

  5. Kishan Kishan

    Someone here is reviewing the game based on the Live Blog…you gotta be kidding me.. Mr. Foy started with mistakes and on correcting his mistakes as the game goes made more mistakes.. he was just too nervous the whole game after his errors…

  6. Pete Pete

    Easy to lose track under the circumstances. For me Foy was inconsistent . Helguson pushed Luiz (a soft foul not given) who then bumped him ( a soft foul given) . And if you’re setting the bar that low Lampards penalty and at least one of the Luiz being fouled penalties have to be given. Clint Hill off his feet through the back of Sturridge nothing given Derry was fouling persistently and only got booked for the tete a tete with Lampard. Many of Foys decisions would be defensible if he was consistent,but he wasn’t. I thought he was shockingly one sided.

  7. dbc dbc

    You writing a report without even knowing who got booked?. disgrace

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      I’d say disgrace was a tad OTT but hey maybe I should be put out to pasture like Chris Foy…

  8. Sorry, Telegraph not Guardian.

  9. He (Kenny) was not booked according to the

    BBC’s website (

    SKY’s Sports website (,19762,11065_3422902,00.html)


    I also did NOT see Kenny get booked watching the game live.

    Obviously the person writing the report for the Guardian (live) must of assumed that surely Kenny would have been booked… He wasnt.

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Having watched the incident again – – it seems as though Kenny wasn’t booked. I was sure he flashed a yellow at them both but seemingly didn’t. If not then that is an ‘interesting’ decision.

  10. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    Nah Kenny was booked – From the Telegraph’s live blog:

    89min: John Terry has charged in to Paddy Kenny late, and the goalkeeper bounces up from the deck to eye-ball the England captain – they are touching heads. Both players are booked. That’s nine in total. And two reds, of course.

  11. Pete Pete

    I thought the QPR players booked were Barton and Derry, not Kenny as you suggest

  12. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    Just to sum up a few of the comments:

    No I am not related to Chris Foy.

    Helguson did not dive for the penalty – he was shoved in the back – it was a dumb challenge that can easily be given.

    Yes both Lampard and Luiz *could* have had penalties but that type of challenge goes on at both ends. Had a ref given it I wouldn’t be full of rage but they were not stonewallers either.

    Both Kenny and Terry got booked for their face to face tet a tet. As did Derry and Lampard for there’s.

    A team with a good disciplinary record can get two reds and seven yellows on any given day. Just because they have a good history doesn’t absolve them of a bad day.

    Several people are actually saying Drogba’s foul wasn’t a red – are you serious?

    Boswingwa’s I can see was iffy but once he’d given the foul he could only show red. It was similar in a way to Evans at Old Trafford and even Fergie said Evens had to go.

    By the way both people who identify themselves as FIFA refs are unsurprisingly not FIFA refs ;o)



  14. Drogba decision was 100% correct, but…

    You do not mention the fact Helguson cleary dived and should have been booked himself, you do not mention the 2 clear penalties Chelsea could of had when both Lampard and Luiz were blatently fouled in the box, you do not mention the Terry/Kenny altercation that Kenny started the arguement and yet Terry was the one who was booked.

    Foy could not control the game, he looked like he had some sort of grudge against Chelsea. It was poor referring.

  15. Liang Liang

    Why peple just talked shittte even they did watch the game???

  16. Independent FIFA Ref Independent FIFA Ref

    I can not understand how it can be fair. 7 yellow and 2 reds for a team that hold a pretty dicent record for fair play before they meet with Foy ?

    As we all know decisions are serted in hands of Refs. His decisions were ALL against Chelsea. most certainly you can interpret the facts as you wish and say its all or nearly all of them to deserve, it you will be bias you will interpret it accordingly. But the patten is absolutely bloody clear. Foy do not give a scound though and jump on every 50-50% situation to penalise Chelsea ? Why ? Does Chelsea still own him money ? or piss on his tree ? Question is can he use his position to take revenge on chelsea ? I think with such attitute of pre define all Chelsea players guilty he SHOULD NOT WORK FOR PRIEMERSHIP. AVB said right think I will put my signiture under each of his word. Foy was indeed very bias toward Chelsea. And question need to be rised why and anohter question where we going from here ? do we allow it happened again ?

  17. seth seth

    you were to subjective dude, every people (not just the chelsea fans) is questioning his decision..
    1. bosingwa red card: when bosingwa fouled swp, he still can run and wanna shoot the ball before foy stop it (on that situation reff should not stop the game!)
    2. drogba red card: the ball is cleared by drogba before his foot touching taarabt (yes, he touch the ball!)
    3. lampard yellow card: why when derry tackled lampard is not a foul? so yes lampard was mad!
    4. terry yellow card: kenny was the first man when he argued with terry, why just terry gived the yellow?
    5. all yellow cards: when chelsea players make a little mistake, he just give the straight yellow.. what about when qpr players fouled ivanovic? yes no foul!
    6. penalty claim: lampard tumbled to the ground under by hall, yes it must be a penalty. luiz is held by helguson then down, i dont know again what to say..

    yes, FOY is a TOY!

  18. Andy Andy

    No issue with the decisions Foy made. It was the one’s he failed to make that infuriated me. How Sean Derry was not sent off for persistently poor challenges is beyond me. Chelsea were petulant and ill disciplined, but Foy’s inconsistency was a major factor in this and he ruined what should have been a good game.
    All the Chelsea fans screaming and whining about the pen/sendings off are not helping ass it sounds like sour grapes. The real issue is the inconsistency. Case in point, Luiz goes down in the area and screams for a penalty (just as much a pen as the Helgusson one IMHO). Foy waves it away. Now if he doesn’t see it as a pen, then Luiz is simulating and should be booked, his second yellow and should be sent off.
    Foy bottled it in a major way and is not capable of controlling games in a highly charged environment.

  19. FIFA ref FIFA ref

    If you are going to start watching replays, look at the QPR players rushing into the box before the PK is taken. By the LOTG that kick has to be retaken.

    As for Drogba “leaving the ground” um… well he slid about a foot and a half. His ass hjt the ground as ne won the ball. So clumbsy slip or straight red? A reasonable ref would have given the benefit of the doubt with a caution.

  20. Will Will

    I agree that the first was a penalty however you can not over look the constant niggles after the ball had been plaid by the QPR players. This I felt confused Luiz as he had no idea whether he could be tough back and thus resulted in a penalty. Up the other end in the second half we see Lampard pulled down and Luiz taken down one point Luiz is actually being hugged but naturally his offense in the first half is worse. So yeah consistent much, if you look at the stats also the fouls to cards don’t add up QPR got of pretty much scott free. I am all in favor of respecting referees but it is forever getting harder to do so with such inconsistency from them.

  21. Darren Darren

    This ignores the 3 penalty claims had in the 2nd half which were just as much penalties as the QPR one.

    5 decisions that could have gone either way all going the same way and that’s a pretty good game?

    Also, please note that we’ve had problems with Foy before. He reffed us 3 or 4 weeks ago and also awarded a penalty and a questionable red card.

  22. I thought Foy had a decent game; indeed, he could have sent more players off especially given the instant Chelsea reaction to bawl in the face of the ref at any decision against them. Wasn’t there a big Respect campaign or something? :/

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