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Why some people are morons #109

Some people are morons. We all know that. However some show off their moronity (is that even a word? Google says no…) more than others. Some even say I am a moron. Some maybe right but for this edition of ‘Why some people are morons’ we go across to the Digital Spy F1 thread where a user known as Zenith posted the following two comments:

Thanks to the BBC website I knew the result before I had a chance to see the race.

The BBC website is my homepage & at 10am this morning, not once but twice the heading “Vettel takes crown as Button wins” appeared on their site.

Knowing that a lot of viewers would have waited to watch the replay this afternoon, you would have thought that they wouldn’t have announced the result in the headline.

So you wanted to watch the race but no live but still went to and expected not to see the result? Are you freaking kidding me? What a surprise that the homepage of the BBC website has the result on it. I mean really. I Sky+ed the race and didn’t check my e-mail or go online before watching it when I woke up in case I saw the result. I didn’t even check twitter on my iPhone. People need to learn that if you are taping something or watching on tape delay then don’t go on the internet or social networking sites where the event might be being talked about. It isn’t rocket science.

However he/she wasn’t finished.

Yep. I mean the BBC homepage

If it had been ITV or CH4 etc. homepages then I would have expected to see the result in the headline, but as a lot of viewers might not have seen the rerun, I still think it wasn’t right to put the result in the headline in the general news section.

If the headline had been “Japanese Grand Prix results” etc. then you have the option to click on it or not. My gripe is that the headline showed the result of the race.

I have customised my BBC page to have the sports section near the bottom of the page, so I cannot see it unless I scroll down. Unfortunately the F1 result was also in the general news section at the top of the page.

Are you sure that the result is given in the headline “for every single race”, even for early races like todays that are given a full rerun in the afternoon? I don’t remember seeing anything like this before.

The BBC websites job it to put the news on. Not to cocoon readers from the news in case they might want to watch the event later in the day.

The result for every race is always in the breaking news strap at the top of the page. Like it is for football results, cricket results and all other major sporting results.

I just get annoyed when people complain about things when in fact it is them making the big error of judgement and not whoever they are complaining about. It is easy to avoid a result or a TV event. I do a radio show on Wednesday nights but when The Apprentice is on I don’t check twitter until after I’ve watched it when I’ve come in as to not spoil the outcome. As I’ve already said it’s not rocket science.

Some people…*goes off and mutters to himself*

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  1. Do you know, they might have a point, Neil. I mean, they shouldn’t ever report that somebody had died on their home page in case a reader was just checking their Facebook for congratulations messages while celebrating their birthday and doesn’t want to hear any bad news.

    And, no, I’m not being serious.

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