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Can you guess my type? A short video test.

So many people have said that they know my type. I always contend they don’t know what they are talking about. Looking at my relationship…well no…looking at my infatuation history there is no clearly defined type. However I do know I have a weakness looks wise but do other people know what they weakness is?

Well I decided to put that to the test because I thought it might be amusing. Embedded below is the introduction to MasterChef Australia Season 3 (which is my favourite show by a country mile at the moment – can’t believe Jay went tonight – he was the fave but he just couldn’t do puddings) anyway here is the introduction which shows 12 men and 12 women. Put the video on and watch and see if you can decide which of the 12 women I fancy most just looks wise.

I will say that there is a second budding chef who is totally winning me over with her personality but you won’t really get that from the introduction. So just looking for looks. Can you tell which budding chef is the one that purely based on her looks I’d like to date more than the other 11?

I bet very few will be able to tell…

Please leave me a message and have a guess. It would be interesting to see what people think I go for…

I’ll put up the answer in the next couple of days.

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