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Do you like coffee more than electricity?

Well it seems as though the average person pays more per year in coffee than they do it electricity bills. This (to me) quite staggering revelation came out yesterday and there is more detail in this report in the Daily Mail.

As a nation we consume 511million cups of coffee a week nationwide. Now my crude maths tells me that adds up to an average of around nine cups each a week but of course not everyone drinks coffee so when you take out the coffee drinkers then that average explodes. People often ask me how I save money and not spending £20-30 quid on coffee is one easy way to save the best part of £100 a month. Yep when you work it out that is what the average coffee drinker is spending a month on coffee. That is an insane amount. I probably spend double that for all my groceries in a month.

I know that as a nation we have migrated from tea and coffee is now the drink of choice. I drink neither but I’m weird. I probably get through a bottle of squash a day so say that’s a quid when you balance out all the special offers etc… so that is £30 odd a month of my liquid intake. As a non alcohol drinker as well this all helps as my liquid intake is juice and water and that is it. Really saves the pennies. If people sat down and worked out what they spent a month on coffee and alcohol it could easily be 10-20% of their income.

The headline though is the electricity one. We all need electricity and we are use using it like it is going out of fashion. We all complain vigorously when the energy companies put up the cost of gas and electricity seemingly every year but when you take a step back and look at your outgoings and more money is going on a luxury caffeinated beverage than electricity then it is hard to really get worked up.

The fact on average we Brits spend more a year on coffee than we do on electricity just flabbergasts me. It really does. Just think of all you could do with the money you didn’t spent on coffee…

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