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Day: August 16, 2011

Tesco are evil.

I don’t know the author of this blog post entitled Stupidmarkets but she is from my old stomping ground and she does make an extremely valid point. Please read her blog post as it is well worth it but the short version is she was accused of shoplifting in front of 100s of people at her local Tesco Express dragged through to the back of the store where she was finally told that she stole some shampoo and put it in her bag.

Only problem being she hadn’t and they refused to show her the CCTV which they said proved that she stole it. The fact that she had just spent £200 odd on food there is neither here nor there apparently. She stole some shampoo but was happy to pay for all the other £200 odd of groceries she bought. Whoever said Security Guards were thick as two short ones?

Now I’ve never been accused of this but I can fully imagine how this lady feels. Anyone with an once of common sense knows that someone doesn’t spend £200 odd at the till but steals a couple of quids worth of shampoo. That y’know doesn’t happen. You’d have to be immensely stupid, or a security guard, or best yet a security guard from Havant (I can say that as I was born in Portsmouth and raised in Waterlooville) to think that a person would do this.

Now the bull about Data Protection on the CCTV. Yes they can say that but you are fully entitled to be shown whatever data any company has about you if you ask. Therefore Tesco has to (as far as I’m aware with my limited knowledge of facts) show her said CCTV as long as they isolate just her on the tape, which they must have been able to do as they saw her put shampoo in her bag (but oh wait – she didn’t – the security people are morons of the highest degree – did they go to Purbrook Park by any chance?)

Also Tesco’s actions since have been appalling to say the least. Man up Tesco. Say your staff were eejits and useless morons (well maybe they went to Crookhorn) apologise profusely and do something in good faith. Don’t just hide behind a wall of being a big corporate entity who is in fact evil.

As an aside we’ve all probably been followed around HMV or similar in our teens but I was followed round Waitrose just a couple of years back by their security guard. I was 26 FFS. However the stupid fool was so blatant that I noticed him so I started playing a game and just walking round the store endlessly and then hiding at the end of the aisles where he couldn’t see me so I could wait for him to rush down the aisle to see what I was doing. Such fun. When I finally went to the till to buy what I went in there for I turned to him as he strode past and said ‘well that was a waste of time wasn’t it – did you see me nick anything?’ with that he scowled and everyone in the queue looked at me like I was scum. Well I was a young male wearing a hoodie in Waitrose, I suspect they were just pleased I didn’t have a knife. I have written about how I’m treated in M&S before right?

Young males wearing hoodies are all evil apparently. Just not as evil as Tesco. They are proper evil. Fact. End. Innit. Mush.

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