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My Total Politics Awards Votes go to…

The jury has deliberated and here are the results of The Rambles of Neil Monnery panel:

The following blogs got votes:

Caron’s Musings

No brainer. Caron is a fine blogger and doesn’t just focus on politics (any F1 blog of hers will certainly get my trigger finger on the hyperlink) but it is her politics stuff that gets her this vote. Blogs often and varies it from the mundane to the opinion-filled. It is how I like my blogs. A little bit of everything.

Political Parry

Most people would think Kel and myself wouldn’t get on. Most people think I hate all feminists. Kel is a feminist. However we do get on and her political viewpoint is about as akin to mine as I know. Her blogs very often mirror what I’m thinking in my head – just with less swear words and more clever words. I think this proves a) I don’t hate all feminists and b) I don’t hate all feminists.

Olly Grender @ The New Statesman

If you don’t know why Olly’s on this list then I suspect you don’t do political blogging of any sort.

Liberal Burblings

Probably the biggest surprise (to me) on this list. When filling out my voting form and thinking about blogs I visit more often than other I realised that I go here quite often. If I do then that surely means I’m interested in what the author has to say.

Liberal England

I like this blog because it is a good mix of short punchy pieces and the odd rant. Also again is isn’t just partizan BS all the way through.

Solution Focused Politics

The biggest surprise (to me) on this list. I don’t know the author at all hardly and don’t think I’ve ever really interacted with him but I find myself when scanning through Lib Dem Blogs clicking on his pieces more often than I don’t. Says everything.

Welcome to Spiderplant Land

Hands up who thought I was voting for this blog? Anyone? Exactly. Well I filled out my voting form based on what blogs I read most and not on personality. Whatever I think about some of her political stances her blog is one of the better ones out there and provokes more discussion than most and whatever you think about it – isn’t that a big part of the blogosphere?

Lib Dem Voice

Yeah not exactly a shock. Good starting point for Liberal Democrat views on a variety of topics.

You can vote for your favourite political bloggers behind that link but if you haven’t checked out any of the blogs I’ve mentioned I think you’d be well advised to do so at some point.

Note: I didn’t vote for David Allen Green @ The New Statesman due to me seeing it not as a political blog in the main. If I did that blog would also of seen a high vote given to it from this jury.

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  1. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    Hey Kelly. I think this blog just about counts as a new blog. I think my chances of winning either are slim to be honest – lots of good blogs out there but I will do a post pointing out how fabulous I am – or something ;o)

    I think my best chance at a win would be for my Ken Clarke/Twitter/Rape parody.

    As for hating feminists – I don’t – it’s just everyone thinks I do for some reason!

  2. Aw thank you! I’m really flattered!
    Wasn’t aware you loathed feminists, but I appreciate there are some that are less palatable than I.

    Now, I’m trying to work out if your blog counts as a “new” Lib Dem Blog or whether you should just go straight to my Best nominations 🙂

  3. admin admin

    I’m afraid I’m not going to conference. The downside of being self-employed is if you don’t work you don’t get paid plus shelling out for hotel accom etc… so no conference for me this year I’m sad to say but yes our views on politics do seem rather in tune!

  4. Hi Neil,

    Just wanted to say thank you for voting for me and I am glad you like the blog.

    I voted a week ago (or so) and I voted for you so I guess we must be in tune somehow? Are you going to Conference?


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