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The Sun’s politics poll is a crock of you know what

This morning everyone’s favourite newspaper* The Sun showed us the results of a poll they had done on politics. The results are as follows:

Nick Clegg is a sheep. Ed Miliband and David Cameron are like snakes and William Hague is the only cabinet minister who is doing a good job. Nick Clegg is doing the worst job because he’s evil. Sums up the piece pretty well or does it?

Right at the bottom of the piece there was a graphic that showed how many of the respondents to the poll in percentage terms could recognise the cabinet members by photo and here are the results:

Who is this 'Danny Alexander?'

How seriously can we take the rest of the results when there are several cabinet members who people don’t even know by face? How can these people decide if they are doing a good job or not if they don’t know who they are? Douglas Alexander was only recognised by 15% of the people answering the survey but more alarmingly Andrew Lansley – who of course is in charge of the NHS – so has been on the news rather a lot over the past few months was only known by 18% of people. That surely in one foul swoop makes a mockery of this piece?

As for the people in this survey saying that MPs don’t deserve a holiday. Give me a break. It seems as though this poll was answered to by people with no interest in politics who think they are all shits (except William Hague for some reason) and think they all deserve to work 24/7/365 whilst being publicly whipped if they even think about straying from doing something for the good of the country.

MPs are just people doing jobs like the rest of us. They have long and demanding hours and need time off to recharge their batteries. We all need time off and I don’t see why just because they are MPs it should be different for them.

If you want to read the full story then you can do so behind this link

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