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The bankers can’t fix it all public sector workers – they can’t fix it all…

I am no expert. I don’t proclaim to be an expert. I am just some guy typing away at his computer and watching the news. However I sit here and type and look at the striking public sector workers and think they have totally misread the situation and in doing so have scored quite a spectacular own goal.

The public hate bankers. We all know this. However the attitude of many in the public sector believing that bankers can alone pay back the deficit is one of sheer delusion. Let me play out this scenario that happens up and down the country each day. A family have a mum and dad both in employment and two kids of school age. A parent loses their job for whatever reason. Now do the family look at the parent and think that they alone can go out and get another job to keep up the level of pay and until that happens stick their head in the sand and keep up the same lifestyle or does it effect everyone?

The other parent might try to get more hours in their employment. Parents and kids will go without some luxuries. Everyone’s belts are tightened and the whole family feels the pinch if there is less money available to spend.

Now to put this into a big picture and the bankers are the parent that have lost their job. They’ve helped to create a mess. Can they and they alone fix everything or does it effect everyone? Will the whole nation have to work hard to get the government out of it’s black hole (I don’t know why people use that analogy as nothing can escape a black hole but still…)

The whole ‘we are all in it together’ is not just some bullshit mantra from the middle classes as they watch the working classes die off and eat duck eggs with caviar. It is just reality. It isn’t fair but if people don’t realise that life is unfair then they are morons. Morons.

So the situation is clear. Bankers quite simply cannot solely safe the day. They weren’t even solely to blame. They have just been scapegoated by the people of this country and unfairly branded. The bankers of the UK did not do much wrong from all accounts and the whole crisis can be laid at the feet of people and companies around the world. The banks were unregulated. That was not the bankers fault. That was the governments of the world who allowed the banks to get so over-inflated that at some point the bubble would have to burst.

The bankers were playing by the rules. They just played a very bad game and the effect has been significant. They will however be part of the solution and having a strong financial centre is important to the economy. It is so important at the moment that I could probably and maybe should upgrade the word important to vital in the previous sentence.

The problem is the banks alone cannot fix all the problems of the global economy. Other sectors will have get get involved and that includes the public sector. Just because they are doing jobs that are there for the well-being of the state doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t take any of the hits that the rest of us are facing.

In a perfect world workers in the public sector would get great pension schemes – as would those of us in the private sector. People say that you can earn more in the private sector – and that is true – but what is also true is that public sector jobs are generally safer. Working for a small private company is always daunting not knowing how the business is going but when you work in the public sector then your job traditionally is more secure. Obviously in the current climate public sector staff are seeing more job losses than normal but that is just the job market equalising out.

Whilst I clearly feel some sympathy that their conditions are being changed I don’t think that just because they work in the public sector means that they should be immune. Why should people in the private sector have to pay more just to pay for people in the public sector?

To end this blurb with a nicely packaged little bow. I don’t think public sector workers are above private sector workers. The mess wasn’t caused by private sector workers either so why should only the private sector be forced to pay for the economic crisis? We all are going to have to stick our hands in our back pockets to help pay for this and I don’t see why one sector of workers believe that they are above the rest of us.

#No If’s, No But’s, No Public Sector Cuts…

Yeah folks. If we don’t cut the ever inflated public sector then a few years down the road we’ll be completely screwed. If you want to as screwed as Greece then carry on. If you want to be grown up and mature then suck it up and get on with it. A few good years and things can get going again and when that happens I am sure the government can – and will – look at ways to offset the bad times with some good times. That I am sure of.

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