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Day: June 8, 2011

Just how weak is David Cameron as a PM?

The political pundits around Westminster and the blogosphere keep telling us just how strong the PM is and he’s getting through policies that the Iron Lady herself could only dream about but is that true? I’m not so sure that it is.

We have had the climbdown over selling forests, we have had the ongoing saga of the NHS reforms and now today Ken Clarke’s plans to give more flexibility to judges has seemingly been shelved.

Three unpopular policies. Two have been shelved completely and one has been watered-down to such an extent that the changes will seemingly be minimal. Is this the sign of a men who is dragging the country with him or just the sign of a man who whilst confident on economic policy is deeply unsure on everything else? This is a PM who is listening to what Middle England say so much that I’m surprised his ear drums aren’t perforated. Even on such issues as the watershed and the sexulisation of TV and youngsters he is getting involved and going with the louder voices instead of the majority. Next thing you know he’ll be calling for a Public Inquiry into the Madeline McCann case – oh wait…

I’m not saying this is a bad thing but David Cameron is clearly nowhere near as confident in himself or in his cabinet as previous Prime Minister’s have been. I know he is leading a cabinet with voices from another party but a strong PM would have gotten rid of Vince Cable by now and Chris Huhne too. Andrew Lansley is only still holding on to his job because if he was fired the Tory right would be in uproar.

So whilst economically Cameron with his chief-lieutenant George Osbourne, he knows what they want to do. Elsewhere it seems like he just wants to make everybody happy and as we all know, that is impossible so to try and do it seems foolish at best and careless at worst.Cameron is about as strong on subjects away from the economy as custard is when Jon Tickle isn’t walking on it.

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