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‘No means no’ – who knew? #slutwalk

End Sarcasm.

Look we all know someone who has been raped. We probably also all know someone who has raped someone. Rape is a terrible thing. We can all agree on that. However the problem I have with Slutwalk is what exactly were they trying to achieve?

Everyone who will have taken notice of what the women were marching for will know and understand what they were up to already and didn’t need a march to tell them that women aren’t objects. The two sections of people they need to reach home with wouldn’t have given two hoots yesterday of the 5,000 strong march (which to me is a very low number considering).

The feminists that were the bulk of the march need to hit home with young women and the men that are pig ignorant. Will a march through London with very little press coverage achieve anything with those two groups of people?

Young women these days are split into two distinct camps – those with real ambitions and those with ambitions to bag a rich boyfriend. That is in my opinion a far bigger concern for the feminist movement that the treatment of women by men – the fact that a significant number of young people see bagging a rich partner as a legitimate life goal.

The other section of men who do seemingly believe that women are little more than meat and ‘deserve’ the treatment they get will not have taken a blind bit of notice of the goings on of yesterday.

Both men and women should be able to wear what they want without the shadow of harassment hanging over them. That is fairly obvious to most individuals. Just because someone dresses in slutty clothes doesn’t make them a slut. Just because someone wears a business suit doesn’t make them a businessperson. It isn’t rocket science.

I hope that the Slutwalk did some good but I just don’t see it. To hit home with the two groups of people that they need to then a march through London with just a low turnout will achieve very little. The future of the feminist movement seems doomed unless the next generation really take up the cause but the way its looking this looks unlikely.

In the BBC News report Hannah McQuarrie, 25, said on Ken Clarke: “His comments were wrong. Any assault which invades someone’s privacy or takes away the rights of their body is wrong.” Now I’m not sure here but I never ever ever heard Ken Clarke say any rape or invasion of someone’s body wasn’t wrong. When people twist people’s comments so drastically how can people take them at face value?

I love the final quote from George Legg, 21, “I am here in solidarity. I can control myself – I am attracted to women but I don’t feel the need to pressure them.” Good on you son. Just like 95%+ of guys you aren’t an arsehole. The thing is that 5%. However I would contend that 5% or so of women are arseholes too but I’m not allowed to say that.

This post was brought to you by the insult ‘arsehole’

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  1. kendodd'sdad'sdog'sdead kendodd'sdad'sdog'sdead

    some people just need to be offended. Hence they find offence where there is none.

    yes, arseholes covers it.

  2. Chris Chris

    The slutwalk is a sad reminder that we still have the sort of pillock who has to copy anything that happens in US politics even when it has no relevance to us.

    I’d blame the lack of language teaching in school, but mostly it’s just because they are arseholes.

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