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How hard is it to buy a 6.5″ Grumpy Care Bear?

The short answer is very hard.

I have won this listing on eBay for a Grumpy Care Bear three times. Three times. Well when I say won what I mean is I had the highest bid going into the final minute when the seller took it off the auction and re-listed it minutes later yet again at a low starting price of 99p.

This morning I had the leading bid of 99p before it got yanked but in my history I can see it once went for £41.05 before being pulled a re-listed minutes later. Now I know it is a pretty rare Care Bear of that ilk and I know on the internet you would be looking at the best part of £50 for this item but if you are going to put it up for auction at a low starting and reverse price then you have to deal with it if it doesn’t go that high surely?

Maybe I just don’t understand eBay but this type of behaviour pisses me off royally. Ok pull it if it doesn’t meet your expectations once but to have been doing it constantly for over a month now is pathetic. When it was first up there it was getting £30-40 most times but now people who are looking for said item know that the seller is a con artist who won’t sell and therefore do not bother bidding any more.

All I wanted was a 6.5″ Grumpy Care Bear (and at 99p + £2.40 p&p it would have been one hell of a bargain) but apparently some people just do not want to play fair when it comes to eBay auctioneering. I better win Good Luck Bear later on tonight or they’ll be a storm in down town Thorpe Bay…

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