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The Cat in a Bin saga

So if you haven’t seen the cat in a bin incident yet then have a look at the following video:

Having read her interview in The Sun and the Daily Mail article I do feel that this women is being made a scapegoat but then the other part of me is thinking ‘What the [expletive] did she really think she was doing?’ My next door neighbour has a cat and I have to admit that putting him in a bin has yet to ever occur to me. Stroking him when I walk past has when I pop to the shop and quite often he’ll wait by the gate for me to return. He’s a great old thing. Bit fat but he seems like a happy cat.

I’m sure many of us when passing a cat in the street will bend down and give it a stroke or two before wandering on. I’m sure many a person has done so to this cat but what could compel a grown woman to put the cat in a bin and then proclaim that she thought ‘it would be a bit of fun’. In what way is putting a cat in a bin ‘a bit of fun’ or the cat? This woman doesn’t have any record on mental illness so that can be ruled out. It is just sheer stupidity of the worst kind.

I feel for her a bit as it is a small incident, which is rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things but really, how stupid can you be? My motto in life is Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. My mother would inform me that is a biblical quote and the words of Jesus. I prefer to just see it as a basic life principle. I wouldn’t like to be shut in a bin with no means of escape and I’m sure she wouldn’t either so why do that to a cat?

Some people…

PS: According to the WordPress spellcheck, ‘bin’ is not a word…

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