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Am I thief?

Let me expand.

I was in Game yesterday buying Wii Fit Plus and it was absolutely rammed and the queue was insane. So the poor people serving were under pressure and for some reason very slow. Anyway when I got to pay for my ‘game’ which cost £19.99 I gave him a £20 note and then he gave me back £10.01 change. I instantly knew he had given me too much change but I didn’t say a word. I pocketed the tenner and moved on. When I got on the train home I checked the receipt and it said £19.99 so I was given too much money back.

Obviously had it been the other way round I’d of ensured I got my money back but I want to know if what I did was just morally questionable or just plain wrong. I’m torn as I do think I should’ve said something but also they should’ve got it right.

I just don’t know.

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  1. togh togh

    I’d have done the same thing, and in general retail expect the occassional slip.

  2. That was my one thought. However I suspect with lots of staff and breaks and people swapping tills etc… they won’t know where the money went.

  3. Hope the cashier didn’t have to pay the tenner out of their own pocket at the end of the day when they cashed up and were short! When I was 16 (yes, I know that’s a long time ago) I had an evening job at the local theatre and that’s what happened if you didn’t tally at the end of the shift 🙁

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