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Nick Clegg the future pop star?

So who knew that Nick’s apology yesterday would result in various mash-up videos on YouTube? Oh. Everyone. However who knew that it would turn out better than many of the wannabe stars that go on The X Factor et al?

I mean Frankie Cocozza or Nick Clegg autotuned?


Some of the comments on the video though aren’t exactly the nicest though:

Fuck off and die, Clegg. Good song but too soft on him.

Well they like the song at least Nick. Nine thumbs up for him to go and die. Lovely.

fuck you clegg……. you and your party will get no vote from students and future students for ever spineless prick

Well that is a lie as I know students who have voted for the Lib Dems since this episode and plan to do so again.

I’ll only ever consider voting lib dem again once that emotionless twat has resigned from leadership

Lewis Robinson is out until you are Nick. Emotionless? Well that isn’t true and twat? Harsh.

This is a terribly produced song. Guys even if the Lib Dems didn’t support the motion it would have passed through the Commons at some point anyway.

Nick. Fire your producers now.

Fucking shithead

Big fan…?

An awful artist, but a brilliant song… hilarious !

I’m smelling Rebecca Black…

ahaahh TOSSER!!!!!!!!
a f8ckin ars*hole
Haha. What an arse.

Oh. *sad face*

The thing is I bet just half an hour max after Clegg delivered this speech. He changed his mind and decided he wasn’t sorry Lmao

People who laugh are their own comments are lame. Also when they know very little about the situation it just makes them look dumb but they are cool in their own world so that is all that matter. ROFLOL.

if this gets in the charts i will die laughing

Bit extreme.

Maybe the best thing I’ve ever seen. Maybe.

Clearly not seen Man V food then…

Skeevy arse-piece. At least Judas had the grace to hang himself!

And we’ll end with another person wishing him dead. Oh the youth. They are the future you know…

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  1. It’s ok, but this is a better tune, with a better backing track and vocalist 🙂

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