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Day: September 24, 2012

The day the BBC approached me for a new TV show asking if I wanted to get ‘more manly’

I could be a TV star. I’m terribly excited. When you get an e-mail entitled ‘BBC America’ it will grab my attention. When the e-mail is about being part of a new TV show then you think ‘yeah I could do that’ but then some details become clear and the TV show opportunity that has excitedly presented itself is a chance to be more manly. Yes folks I’ve been offered the chance to try-out for a new TV show called ‘Man Camp’ which is designed to make single guys like me who can’t get a girlfriend well you know…be manly and get a girlfriend. Rock on.

The thing is though is I have zero interest in taking part in a TV show like this. I don’t want to be more macho. I fixed my boiler once and that is enough for me. Just because I don’t go to bars and try to pick-up women it doesn’t mean that I want to be able to do that. Lord no I’d hate to be that type of guy. They are the types of guys I don’t look at with envy I look at with pity that whilst they are busy at bars having a good time playing the dating game I am at home in my underwear watching Match of the Day eating takeaway food. I know which situation I’d prefer to be in and it doesn’t involve booze and chat-up lines.

Here is the e-mail I received just now:

Dear Neil,

I hope that you’re well and don’t mind my getting in touch after reading the interesting blog on your website. I work for a TV casting company and I’m looking to cast people for a new TV series for BBC America and wanted to get in touch to see if it is something that may be of interest to you.

It’s a series called ‘Man Camp’ and we’re looking for a group of Brits who feel that in some way they would like to become more traditionally ‘macho’ and boost their confidence, whilst taking part in a fun, light-hearted TV competition to win a significant prize.

The group of men who wish to become more ‘manly’ in the traditional sense will be sent to America in the new year to take part in a range of American ‘macho’ activities such as hunting/DIY etc. to compete to learn new skills and prove that modern men can still be macho.

The show is meant to be good fun but we also want people who genuinely think they could have something to gain from taking part as well, and I know that your comments about lacking confidence in social situations is something that strikes home with a lot of people.

I don’t know if this is something that would appeal to you but if it would I’ve attached some more information for you to have a look and would be happy to talk about this further.

Either way thanks ever so much for you time.

Kind regards,


This is the attachment text he sent through:

Do you need to Man up?

Or do you know someone who just isn’t masculine enough?

We’re looking for men who are desperate to be more manly, to be a part of a new American TV series. You’ll be flown to America to be taught to be more macho by the nation that brought us Cowboys, Pick-up trucks and the Harley-Davidson.

Do you know someone, or are you…..

• Far too metrosexual for your own good
• Too old to be living at home…and still being looked after by your mum
• A computer geek with not enough friends or chat up skills
• Camp, but not gay
• Too in touch with your feminine side
• Unable to be one of the boys, talk about sport, or hang out with the lads

If this is you, or someone you know, we can help. This show will transform men who desperately feel that they are missing something that makes other men manly.

Filming will be in America in the New Year AND there will be a significant prize for the biggest transformation.

To apply please fill out this form and return it with a photo, your CV and if possible a 60second video clip (you can use your phone) of you telling us why you are right for this show, to [redacted]

If you want to e-mail the guy then I’ll pass on his details if you contact me.

Do I need to man up? Well it depends on what you mean by man up. Some may say yes but who wants to be overly macho anyway? I live on my own and look after myself easily enough. I’m certainly not metrosexual. I have friends (but few chat up skills) and I’m really not camp. I am in touch with my feminine side but there is nothing wrong with that but I love my sport but hate going out on the lash.

So all in all I really don’t fit in with this show and I’ll respond telling him that I am not really what he is looking for. However I absolutely loved getting the e-mail out of the blue and thought it was hilarious. These TV people are trawling the interwebs trying to find people for all these types of shows. It shows in this day and age we could all have our fifteen minutes but I’m waiting for a better opportunity.

Seriously imagine me trying to be manly and/or more macho. Oh the hilarity. Actually I think the real losers here will be the public not getting to be me try and shoot a gun or whatever. Watching me try to chat up a woman. Oh boy that would be cringeworthingly awesome TV. It is so bad in my mind’s eye that I even made up a word for it but people of the world I will not be appearing on ‘Man Camp’ for the BBC any time soon…

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I am not your Lib Dem Blogger of the Year but I know a worthy man who is.

Last night the annual Liberal Democrat Blogging awards took place and the results as they say are in. I was short-listed once again for Best Lib Dem Blog this time probably less of a surprise than my short-listing last year. Seriously I had no idea anyone actually read the blog.

Anyway your winner was Mark Thompson for his blog Mark Reckons and I must admit his style of blogging hits my spot as it were. Often very thought-provoking with a mix of factual and opinion based blogging. I love me some opinions. Also on the shortlist were Caron Lindsay with her Musings and Richard Morris who has A View From Ham Common.

I don’t know when Caron caught Marcus Trescothick and Somerset T20 disease (only a small handful of people will get that reference) but her blogging is legendary around Lib Dem circles and needs very little further comment. Richard Morris is known for two things – writing excellent blogs and how can I put this – being forthright in letting people know on twitter that he’s written a blog. If you follow Richard on twitter you’ll know what I mean. Richard you need to chill about telling everyone you’ve written pieces. Your work stands up for itself without constantly reminding us ;o)

So congratulations to both Caron and Richard for being up there and further congratulations to Mark whose prize is not only a naked statue with a very pert bottom but also a one-on-one interview with Nick Clegg which he’ll have later today.

Last year we had a group interview with the big cheese and I told him about how he needed to apologise for tuition fees and he told me why he couldn’t do it. Had the prize been the same as last year then I’d have enjoyed quoting him and the reasons why he said he could never apologise and then sit back, stroke a black cat on my lap and simply ask, ‘so Mr Clegg…what’s changed?’ Alas I will not get that opportunity. Seriously it would’ve been darn cool. Curses.

On a personal level I was just delighted to make the shortlist. My mum rang me to congratulate me earlier but asked a semi-pertinent question of, ‘how do you get short-listed when your blog isn’t political?’ As far as I’m aware the Lib Dem Blog of the Year is open to anyone who is a Lib Dem and on the Lib Dem Blog aggregator. I assume at least a decent percentage of the blogging has to be politically based but I’m unsure. This blog was never set up. to be solely political but more of a reflection of my thoughts on my life and the wider world around me. In the past year I have developed a small following which is nice and helps make it feel a bit more worthwhile as it were.

We’d all lie if we said we didn’t get down if we wrote blogs of 1000s of words and then only a handful of people read them. However blogging isn’t about the numbers (but they are cool and make you feel cool) but for me it’s just about having another medium to broadcast my thoughts. I’d love it if it ever got to the point where 1000s of people read me everyday but that takes time and talent. Time I have. Talent maybe a smidgen.

I’m just glad some people enjoy my ramblings and enjoy the variety that I like to write about. Whether it be politics or sports coverage or the Penn State sex scandal my dating woes. As long as it either brings a smile to someone’s face or makes people think then I’m more than happy. Here’s to another year of blogging about random stuff that I become interested in writing about.

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