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Some of the #menagainstrape tweets – an interesting mix I must say

I have already pissed off some people by saying that the #menagainstrape hashtag actually does nothing productive so lets have a look at some of the tweets coming through with the hashtag…

Very good point. Is the default position on rape that all men are pro. Do we actively have to ‘opt-out’ of this position to declare that we actually think it is vile? I need conformation on this…

Another excellent point. Men lie (as do women) to win brownie points.

Sums up my feelings perfectly.

Oh apparently we do have to opt-out of being pro-rape.

Ah someone can see the pointlessness of it. Hurrah!

It should be and it is – except maybe on twitter…

Yep that seems to be the general consensus.

You’d have thought so but apparently not…

Ding, ding, ding…!

It is a fair point related to the previous tweet.

I kinda agree with this one a lot.

Breaking news.

Interesting point but we don’t allow facts in this debate I’m afraid.

A very good point.

Lies. Making a statement on twitter does change the world.

Hooray. Someone thinks it is the default position. I like this person.

It is a given. Please believe me…

In fact some people apparently do assume as such…


Yup. Really…

We’ll end up with two people whom I actually follow and aren’t just randoms from the hashtag feed:

That would be much more valuable and constructive than just tweeting about it.

There are many more but at some point I need to stop. It is a very interesting feed. From what I can gather on the radical feminist side is that tweeting that you are against rape is constructive and actually does something. Also if you don’t explicitly tweet that you are against rape then you are probably a rapist or at least someone who is a rape apologist. The default position is that men in general are very lackadaisical with their viewpoint towards rape.

Happily others (including women) think that the default position is that people are against rape. Some people do need more education on the matter but a hashtag on twitter isn’t going to provide that education.

So it is basically split into two parts. Either men need to show that they are against rape or that men don’t need to show it because they are in fact against rape by default. I don’t know if those in the first group walk the streets and look at every man they see and think ‘rapist’ but if they do then the world must be a very scary place for them.

No doubts this hashtag will continue throughout the afternoon with the same mix of people involved. Those that think that everyone who proclaims they are against rape is a hero and deserves praise with those that don’t potential suspects and on the flip side those who think it does nothing and that men don’t need to publicly state that they are against rape.

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