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Day: August 17, 2012

Two girls charged with DUI, road rage, urinate in police car. Their license plate: YAY ME

I am not a police officer. I will never be a police officer. Sometimes we get annoyed at the police but most of the time we are thankful for them. However one thing we often fail to consider is some of the bad things – well not bad but maybe insanely mad things – that they have to face with. Today I saw a tweet pointing to a story with the headline above. It was enough for me to click and boy it is an absolute doozy.

The story in the Montgomery County Police Recorder is about women who weren’t overly pleased with a fellow driver and decided that they needed to hurl abuse at the driver, not once but on several occasions. The driver and her passenger were drunk so that probably didn’t help but they made a fatal mistake and did it in plain view of an off-duty cop. So the cop intervenes and they decide to run him over. Yeah bright. The passenger decides she wants to video the incident or her friend running over a cop so jumps out of the car and does as such.

After he gets run over the passenger flees. They find her a while later and after a struggle arrest her and because she is so pissed at the law she decides to urinate in the back of the police car. Not through being that scared just because she is annoyed that they arrested her. This is all a wonderful little story but the funniest bit (well in my view) is yet to come but is hinted to in the headline.

Yes the license plate on the vehicle spells out ‘YAY ME’ in pink with a big star on it. Seriously enough to make my head explode that a) someone would actually have this as a license plate, b) that in was in pink and c) that someone would actually have it as their license plate (I know that I have already said that but it was so important that I said it twice – joke c/o Red Dwarf season six).

I mean having ‘YAY ME’ as a license plate is so pretentious that it beggers belief but to have it and then seemingly perpetrate several crimes including urinating in a cop car, running over a cop and videoing such an incident (which isn’t a crime but flat out stupid) is just sheer madness. I haven’t even mentioned driving under the influence of alcohol yet.

Just wanted to blog this as I thought it was mad and shows that being a police officer is probably rarely overly dull…

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