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Now Rubens Barrichello has left F1 who do I root for?

The Formula One season starts in a fortnight – well just under a fortnight and I have a big problem. No the problem won’t be whether I watch on the BBC or Sky Sports (I’ll be watching on Sky Sports as Martin Brundle and Ted Kravitz are huge deciding factors for me) but my problem is who will I be rooting for this season?

I have followed the sport for what the best part on 20+ years now and I have followed and rooted for just two drivers. Ayrton Senna and Rubens Barrichello. Now though neither of them are competing following Williams decision to dumb Barrichello for Bruno Senna a couple of months ago. I am still smarting from this and now I need to work out what I’ll do next.

First things first I’ll suddenly have more than a passing interest in IndyCar following Rubens’ move to the series. I think the races are live on Sky Sports and are generally on Sunday evenings so I’ll probably catch more than the odd race now to see just how well Rubinho is doing. However F1 is more my thing so do I pick another driver or just enjoy the race?

I can’t support Lewis as I just think he is too aggressive and never seems humble. He thinks he is always in the right when he often isn’t and has had it relatively easy in the sport having been with McLaren since the age of 11. Both Senna and Barrichello had to fight for everything they got and I respect that and Lewis doesn’t have that string to his bow. So he is out and Jenson Button despite clearly being a great guy I always have ITV’s coverage of when they had F1 in my mind and that Jenson Button/Lewis Hamilton love-in that they had going. I just can’t shake it.

Logically Bruno Senna would be my choice being the next Brazilian in line but he was chosen over my boy Rubens and I can’t do that. So now I’m looking down the list of drivers and finding it difficult to find a driver that I both like and truly respect. I quite like the mellowed out version of Michael Schumacher and wouldn’t mind him and Mercedes doing well just to shake things up but can I openly root for him? I don’t think so. The obvious answer is Mark Webber. Great guy and has worked his way up but would he just be a stop-gap chjoice as his career is surely coming to an end?

As much as it pains me I think I’m just going to have to enjoy the racing and see where the mood takes me. I don’t think I can openly root for anyone. No-one really takes my eye as it were. I think I’m just going to root for a close hard fought season amd for one of the young drivers in GP2 and/or GP3 to come through and show me some personality who I can get behind in the future. Both those series will be live on Sky Sports F1 HD for the record.

So Rubens has gone and I don’t feel that there is anyone adequate to replace him in my F1 loving heart. I have a horrible feeling this might happen with Portsmouth Football Club sooner rather than later too. Oh well. Here’s to a great year of racing and maybe a Rubens return in 2013? Well I can but hope…

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