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‘Kids for Cash’ judge gets 28 years inside. Justice.

I was going through the blog a few days ago and came across the following story that I had written entitled Cash for Kids Judges finally convicted and I wondered what his sentence was so I googled it and boy did they come down hard on him.

Last year 61 year-old Mark Ciavarella Jnr. was sentenced to 28 years for his role in the ‘kids for cash’ scandal where he sent young offenders often convicted of very minor crimes to private young offenders prisons because he was getting kick-backs from the prison to do so. He ruined the lives of many of the defendants that were brought before him just so he could earn a few quid through backhanders.

Despite being found guilty the former judge wasn’t repentent and decided to turn on the media for fanning the flames that led to his conviction by the jury, “Those three words (kids for cash) made me the personification of evil,” he told the court, according to the Associated Press. “They made me toxic and caused a public uproar the likes of which this community has never seen.”. So instead of apologising he was incensed that the media had dubbed it the ‘kids for cash’ scandal. Despite you know the fact that he was taking cash in return for sending kids to a juvenile detention facility when it wasn’t deserved. I actually think it might have been a fair headline and catchphrase by the media you know…

As someone who is known to get on the media’s back I will say they acted pretty responsibly in this case. They reported on the charges and the case but they didn’t overstep their mark. He was convicted in court by a jury in a fair trial and got his just desserts. His sentencing has led to over 4,000 criminal records being expunged and every case he sat on where a guilty verdict was reached has been deleted from record.

For six years this monster was able to roam free and undetected. He was able to abuse his power for financial gain and on the way ruin 1000s of lives. It is one of those cases that has really gotten by back up and I can see I was just as incensed last year when the guilty verdicts came out but before sentencing.

Take this example I read today on The Christian Science Monitor:

One of those cases involved 16-year-old A.A., who was arrested for gesturing with her middle finger at a police officer who had been called during a custody dispute involving her parents and her sister.

According to a 2010 report of the Interbranch Pennsylvania Commission on Juvenile Justice, A.A. was an honor roll student, a Girl Scout, and YMCA member, who attended bible school. She had no prior arrest record and had never even been in detention in school.

She was sent to Ciavarella’s court, and was told she wouldn’t need a lawyer since it was a minor issue.

After examining the paperwork, Ciavarella informed A.A. that she had no respect for authority. She later told the investigating commission that Ciavarella never gave her an opportunity to speak at the hearing. She was led out of the courtroom in shackles and held in juvenile detention for six months.

After her release, A.A. returned to school and, again, qualified for the honor roll. She is currently in college and plans to pursue a law degree. She told the investigating commission that she wants to defend the legal rights of children.

So let me get this straight. Officers turned up at her home whilst there was a custody battle involving her little sister and the judge decided that warranted six months in juvw? This was just one case of the 4,000+ that we know of.

I very rarely go as far as to call someone evil but this person is pretty darn close. To go out and intentionally try to ruin lives just to earn a few quid. I won’t say I hope he rots but I sure hope his time inside is long and arduous.

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  1. terry walsh terry walsh

    i honestly am shocked and disgusted with the whole ignorance of the political crimes being done against so many fathers in this fucking contradiction of a united kingdom and if i think too deeply into it, its hard to get back to normal and just wanting to be dead…why put the whole court on and charge a lad who is laid off work £30 a momnth costs over 5 years, with no reason given to the court by mother for father not to see kids…father gets access from day 1..4 hours a fortnight,and father gets parental guidance too,but in all this time 5 years,father has seen children 10 times..and in 5 years of begging judge to at least warn mother (she stopped turning up)not a word was said,no protection from the court that granted access by law but did zero to protect father every time the law was broken..the girls were 6 and 9 then, the oldest is 21 in july and the youngest is 16 in 5 days and i havent seen them for 9 years..totally innocent father let down and treated inhuman..i want to die but i dont want to put any guilt trips on the girls..god knows what they were fed but they dont come to see me or write or phone and i am reliant on medication to get head is so fucked i swear i dont understand why no one gives a fuck? they were my life and they loved me, and its ripped my fucking being appart..why? how is someone suposed to live normal after that? its against everything human and good, but they still make you pay? why? i would like to see that david nosgrove and ask him how he would live on if it was him..i hope he gets his,why wont anyone help?

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