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Did Aaron Ramsay kill Whitney Houston?

Just when I think Journalism has hit a new low it only goes and shows off that it can in fact go even lower. I had seen the tweets and the forums linking Aaron Ramsay’s goals to deaths of famous people but when a newspaper picks it up and not just picks it up – actually runs it as a story – and not just runs it as a story says that it is an exclusive my soul ebbs away just like the atmosphere in the solar winds.

That bastion of knowledge The Sun are today running a story entitled Aaron Ramsey in goal link to Whitney death and in the by-line it proudly proclaims ‘EXCLUSIVE By ALEX PEAKE’.

The story links the Welsh midfielders goals to the deaths of Osama Bin Laden, Steve Jobs and Colonel Gaddafi. Like the player has this power that means that if he scores then some famous person will be struck down in the next 72 hours because that is just the way it is. God cannot allow both a goal and a famous life to continue. One must be traded for another.

This is actually in a real newspaper. This isn’t The Onion. This is a real newspaper and the journalist was happy to put his (or her) name to it. Sometimes I just can’t believe how desperate newspapers are for content. I shouldn’t be surprised but I am. I think the biggest shock is the ‘exclusive’ bit. Really folks? An exclusive?

Lets round off with the final line of the story, ‘One fan wrote on a forum: “I’m worried things will get out of control when he scores more.”‘

Yes I think my neck is going to be sore in the morning with all the shaking of it that I am doing at the moment.

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