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The Daily Mail says the Lib Dems are writing the budget. They seem upset. Good times.

‘No reprieve for the middle classes in ‘Lib Dem Budget’ after Osborne refuses to change plan to cut child benefit payments’ booms out the Daily Mail this morning. That has certainly given me reason to be optimistic for the week ahead. Delving further into the story the Lib Dems are seemingly mounting a charge against the upper middle classes to fund tax breaks for the less well off. So robbing from the rich to give to the poor. The party are like modern day Robin Hood’s. This hasn’t gone down well with the people who have commented on the article but more of that later.

The Lib Dems want to slash tax relief on pensions on those earning a six figure salary or more from 40p to 20p in the pound. This was apparently raise £3.7bn for the treasury. Sounds like a good idea to me. Count me in. They also want new green taxes that will increase the rate that we’ll see everyone taken out of Income Tax until they have earned over £10k in a financial year. This seems good. Also the plans on striping child benefit payments for those who are earning in the 40p tax bracket. Not nice but not a disaster either. Also seems that there will be no movement on marriage tax allowance which has been one of David Cameron’s big things. Seems like the Lib Dems aren’t budging on that one.

So basically according to the report which I shall link to here the Lib Dems are punching above their weight and moving the coalition away from Tory heartland to a more liberal outlook. Are the party after two years of finding their feet and finding their voice starting to find their power and have learned how to wield it?

It certainly seems that way. If this report is accurate then it will be a good budget for those who need it most. Whilst it might not exactly be robbing the rich to give to the poor it will be the better off helping out the poor and isn’t that what Mr Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe bleated about last week when he disaffected from the Lib Dems? He just showed that things in politics take time and you can’t change everything overnight – certainly not when you are a minority party in a coalition.

Lets see what the Daily Mail readers think. These are real comments from real readers and at the time of posting are the most green arrowed.

Cameron you make us sick you hammer us for being married and yet you preach about the family and couples staying married, what incentive do you give? Well we remain married, struggling and sick of the society you seem fit to create and mismanage. You need to get out along with all the other people that do not belong and drain this country of it’s life. You are giving this country away.

You’ve now lost my vote and I suspect, many more. UKIP next for me.

We cannot go on like this Dave

I always thought the Tories were for family values, well if you take things away from a married family what is the point in joining together?

Could someone please remind me. WHO is the Prime minister of this god forsaken country??????????????

The end is nigh, both of marriage and the family. Society is falling apart and the PR stuntman and his idiot Chancellor are too dim to realise.

Another broken promise from the liar Cameron. All his broken promises will be remembered at the next election. He must hold the record for the largest number of broken promises, second must be Nick Clegg. Add the two together and go have the biggest pair of promises breakers in history.

As a Conservative voter of many years standing, never have I felt so betrayed and ashamed by a Conservative Government that has abandoned all the principles it purported to have before the election. Cameron seems happy to use the LibDems as a ‘shield’ to hide behind whenever he reneges on his promises, blaming them rather than himself – a convenient tactic for a coward. Osbourne showed early promise but has now decided that his position within the Government is more important to him than his principles. My own sitting Conservative MP has shown a (now too common) trait within the Tory party of backtracking on statements or principles that they proudly spoke of BEFORE the election. Never has there been such a blatant case of the tail wagging the dog; in this case, we have a Shih Tzu puppy wagging away like mad, whilst what I believed was a Bulldog just whimpers on the floor. Pathetic.

Seems like Middle England aren’t a fan of helping out those well off when it might affect them. No surprise there really. I just wish and hope that the electorate can see that at a national level the Lib Dems are actually not just propping up a Tory government but actually making a difference. If they do then the death of the party might well have been exaggerated.

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