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TV looks like it has found a way to sink even lower.

Just when I think we can’t sink any lower in terms of entertainment we drop another level. So a former Big Brother contestant had a fling with a married Premier League footballer. We don’t give a damn. It dominated the media landscape for a couple of weeks but is now already yesterday’s chip paper. However the lady in question isn’t ready to give up just yet and plans to turn her seedy affair into big money but how is she planning to this?

Is it be on another reality TV show? I know that I’m a Celebrity… would love to add her to the next series in the jungle. Could she write a tell all book? Will she become a TV presenter for some trashy TV show/channel? All of these are possible but none are as depressing and indicative of the culture that we live in than the truth.

The truth as exclusively revealed by The Sun today is she is locked in talks with multiple broadcasters about her own reality TV show entitled Imogen Finds A Husband and now I vomit. I know in this digital age there is a lot of TV hours to fill and so much of it is dross but have we as a nation and as a society come to the point where the barrel has been scraped so much that a reality TV show about a nobody finding a husband is worth not only being commissioned but for multiple broadcasters to have shown some interest?

I know there have been some god awful reality TV shows – mostly on ITV2 – but really Imogen Thomas finding a husband? What the hell has happened to television? Do people really want to watch such tripe?

Honestly my faith in humanity gets rocked most days but today the rocking has been of seismic levels.

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