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Comments in the Daily Mail – always good for a laugh.

As I’ve said before I peruse most of the newspaper online throughout the day and every so often I like to read the comments. I was interested in an article in the Daily Mail entitled So just how long did these couples wait before sleeping together? as that is something I’ve always had interest in. What is the norm on these things?

The piece was a bit blah but the first comment when I clicked on in what the following from Roger in Upton Snodsbury:

They should ALL have WAITED until they were MARRIED. I am utterly disgusted that people would want to share details of their relationships with complete strangers, and FURIOUS that a once family friendly newspaper such as this one would stoop to such depths as to include an article of this nature. You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves.

You have to admit that is hilarious. Roger should have his own stand-up show because I know that I’d go and watch. He even uses capitals in an attempt to emphasise his point. Oh Roger you are a funny one. I know that there have bee many better but that has to be right up there.

Roger the Daily Mail reader in Upton Snodsbury is HILARIOUS!

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