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Formula 1 is boring

If you type in ‘Formula 1 is boring’ into google you get 5.25million results. If you think Formula 1 is boring then you aren’t a fan of any sport – period. F1 in 2011 has adopted some new rules to help enhance the race for both drivers and the viewer and boy are they working. The ability to open up their rear-wing in certain places if they are challenging for an overtake, KERS and new tyres that are basically worse have all been brought it and whilst the rear-wing DRS seems to be a bit artificial at times – you can’t say that it is boring.

The races this year have all been better than the same races last year and even Monaco was terrific and had it not been for the red flag then the final five laps would have been immense. Last night though after a very lengthy red flag delay for extremely heavy rain we got what we were robbed of in Monaco. A faster car chasing down the leader for the final five laps and this time we got the overtake – albeit because Vettel slid off the track. Had he not then we’d have seen Button go for it in the last corner I am sure and maybe even stealing the victory on the drag to the line the way Massa stole fifth from Kobayashi.

I have always watched F1. I may have had moments where I didn’t watch as intently but it is fast becoming very high on the Neil sport scene for an event that I do not want to miss.

One final point I want to make is with regards to the coverage on the BBC. Over they winter they dumped veteran Jonathan Legard from the commentary role because he and Martin Brundle just weren’t gelling. There was a lot of talk about it and I posted a blog on the Brundle v Legard debate months ago. Well Brundle has stepped up to lead commentary with David Coulthard joining him in the box. Now whilst the commentary is certainly different I can hardly fault it. It is a very different style but it works and the casual F1 fan will enjoy it more than Legard’s ramblings. Who on Earth likes people’s rambles anyway…?

Back in the days when Jonathan Legard was leading the comms then twitter would blow up every race day with how awful he is and he’d always be trending. However Brundle doesn’t get that as it is clear people aren’t getting half as annoyed by him as they did Legard. Whilst it may not be everyone’s cup of tea it is pretty clear that the majority believe the change has worked for the better – and for that the BBC must be applauded. As for allowing Eddie Jordan to keep wearing these shirts…

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  1. Dennis Watts Dennis Watts

    F1… new marketing label for Mogadon. Cure for insomniacs in ‘sport’ vein. Dull is not the word. Sooner watch a bunch of boy racers do handbrake turns I Lidls car park. One word – DULL.

  2. James James

    F1 is the most boring ‘sport’ ever. And i watch cricket,football and rugby – so you fail with that generalization.

  3. Marcus Marcus

    No way, F1 is boring, hardly any overtaking and all mainly decided on pitstops. Overtaking only happens on the track if one of the drivers slip-up.

    To say if you don’t like F1, you’re not a fan of any sport is also very pig-headed and agnnorant.

    to think ITV got rid of their coverage of The Football League in 1996 for this crap for a span of 13 years, not to mention all the ad-breaks during the race baffles me even still today.

  4. Stacey Riley Stacey Riley

    I agree. Certainly more memorable than last year.

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