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Germany culls nuclear to go Green – we need to follow suit

I was pointed towards the excellent blog of Kelly-Marie Brundell yesterday and in particular her piece on nuclear power which is about as accurate an opinion piece as you can pen.

As I wrote in the comments section:

This is the key paragraph:

‘There is significant strategic advantage in Germany’s announcement too. If they are proposing to embrace renewable energy, as the first major country to do so, they will have the biggest share of this market going forward.’

The planet needs us to embrace renewable energies but the economy needs us to exploit what will be the biggest sector for growth in manufacturing in the 21st century.

I have banged on for eons that for both the planet’s needs and more short-term needs of this great land that we should be investing heavily in the green energy sector to become the world leader. The green energy sector will be the biggest boom market of the 21st Century and why aren’t we putting ourselves in a position where we’d get a large chunk of that business?

In the next fifty odd years you’d have to imagine that the scramble for renewable energy would become much more fast paced and frenetic than it is today. The moment the major oil wells run dry people will panic. I may be being a bit selfish here but I do kinda like electricity and power and if that runs out then I’d not be a happy bunny.

Something needs to be done and the time is now decades before it is needed to ensure the planet is in a position to deal with fossil fuels running out. For economic needs the time is now to seize the day and get a lead in what will be a huge boom market. The only problem is people don’t want to see years ahead – they want to think about today and tomorrow only. This saddens me and this short-termism may well hold back the progress on this sector in the UK and that would not be a good thing.

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