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Things I think I think – 15/05/11

I have decided to add an occasional/more than occasional column for all those little tidbits that do not warrant their own blog post. I have called it ‘Things I think I think’. I hope you enjoy…

*Tripping over a paving slab in front of three women and watching them trying to stifle a laugh is slightly embarrassing.

*I really liked the Hungarian Eurovision Song

*The future of one of my my two favourite baseball Yankees looks bleak and it saddens me.

*When Edwin Van Der Sar quits this summer then Tomasz Kuszczak is not good enough to be his replacement.

*I love the fact that Paula Abdul is back with Simon Cowell on The X Factor.

*I do not love the fact that Simon Jones got the presenting gig on the same show. Dermot was clearly the guy. A mistake by Cowell.

*Also if it is true that Tulisa from N-Dubz is joining the UK Panel then it shows how little he cares about the UK version of the show and ITV in general. ITV need to work out what they are going to do.

*I miss the theme music from The Big Fight Live

*I’m very unhappy over the departure of most of the attractive girls in the chip shop in The Broadway. Only one seems to be left and they have been replaced by guys. They aren’t going to entice me is for a casual saveloy.

*Is Shoeburyness the arse end of nowhere? I went to Asda for three things on Thursday and they had none of them. I checked again today and still none of them. That’s pretty shocking.

*My fantasy baseball teams practically all stink.

*Kendrys Morales. Are you for real?

*I worry for Chris Huhne but if he’s done what they are saying (although they have failed to nail him) then his future is less #10 more Prisoner #398638.

*I bought an iPhone. A small piece of me hates myself.

*I went to a play on Friday evening. It wasn’t awful. From me that is a compliment.

*Michael McIntyre judging on Britain’s Got Talent is an oxymoron.

*Can Ray Wilkins love Chelsea any more than he clearly does?

*I feel so much for David Laws. Not so much Chris Huhne.

*I keep putting off washing my towels. I keep waiting for that sunny day so they’ll all dry quickly but it never comes.

*I’m hungry.

And to end remember that smiling at someone can make their day.

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