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42% of Brits do not support the military intervention in Libya

That is according to a poll by Ipsos-Mori that will hit your newsstands in the morning. The research company asked people from 23 countries about their support for enforcing a No-Fly Zone over the north African country and the people of Great Britain were less behind the move than most other nations. This will not be good news for the coalition government where it is clear that people are still wary after the War in Iraq and the military action in Afghanistan.

The people of the USA are rather similar to those of the UK with 61% in support and 39% against any intervention but when you look closer at NATO countries you’ll see a very obvious pattern when it comes to the nations with the least support. Turkey (35% support), Italy (52%), Hungary (54%) are all geographically close to Libya. The countries in NATO who are the strongest supporting nations are Belgium (78%), France (72%) and Canada (70%) all nations who are relatively speaking not near the rogue state.

The worldwide headline figure is the people of Russia who only showed a 25% backing for any military intervention. This isn’t a staggering figure by any means given the history of both the Russian government and the Russian people when it comes to situations outside their borders.

Personally speaking I thought something had to be done. We were going to witness genocide on a mass scale and had we sat on the sidelines and watched then how could our leaders look themselves in the mirror at night? I hear people (and clearly many people do believe this) that it isn’t our problem so why get involved? I ask those people if they saw someone they didn’t know being beaten up at a bus stop and you had the chance to step in and stop the assault and you didn’t and they ultimately died how would you feel? Exactly.

We did the right thing – and the right thing sometimes isn’t easy – but when it comes to human lives then who can put a price on that and a Libyan life is worth just as much as a British life. That is firmly my opinion and people that do not agree with this are people I’d struggle to ever agree with politically I suspect.

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