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‘Capped immigration’ I [redacted] hate the fact that Cameron thinks this is a good thing. [redacted] hate it.

David Cameron keeps banging on and on and on about this immigration cap like this is a good thing. Whilst the public don’t seem to care too much about this (and in general they are for this) it is the most anti-liberal policy that this coalition government has forced through. It sickens me to my soul far more than the embarrassing and very public U-turn on tuition fees for students but again the public seem to think that is far more important than freedom of movement of people into the UK.

The United Kingdom has long been a home for people from all over the world. People from our former colonies helped rebuild this country after the World Wars and we have a history of being a very tolerant nation. However this is slowly turning and it scares me. Oh boy does it scare me.

I have a Polish friend who was extremely happy in Ireland until its economy hit the buffers and the people of the country decided to blame the foreigners. She left The Emerald Isle and went back home before moving to London last summer. However even in the past 9-10 months she tells me that the attitude towards her has changed from the general public. When life isn’t going great people want to blame everyone but themselves. When the country needs these people though people welcome them with open arms. In the boom years no-one else wanted jobs as hospital cleaners as an example but now they are taking all our jobs. What horseshit.

Remember this immigration cap is only relevant for non-EU nationals. Anyone in the EU is free to move around the European Union at will to live and work. That is the freedom of movement that we all have. However the level of people against the EU – primarily for this reason – is rising and you never know at some point within the next decade or so there might be a referendum on this. It wouldn’t shock me if the general public voted for this and wanted us to remove ourselves from the EU despite the obvious harm to trade and the economy.

Even though it might be unpopular this is something where I believe the Lib Dems cannot bend let alone break. We are a Pro-EU and very much a pro freedom of movement party. People should be able to live and work wherever they like in the world. Just because someone is born in that country it doesn’t mean that they should be made to stay in that country for the rest of their lives.

If there aren’t enough skilled English nurses or doctors should we stop skilled workers coming in and filling these jobs? Do you care if the doctor who performs live saving surgery on your loved one is English born and bred? No you don’t. I get the sense a significant number of people only want to see and hear from foreigners when they are helping them personally and boy how selfish and pathetic is that?

The immigration cap is relatively meaningless because of the EU situation but the fact that David Cameron bangs on about it – and is so intently proud of it – makes my stomach churn. Foreigners – like British people are a mix. Some are arseholes, some are layabouts, some are losers but most are just hard-working, good, decent folk. If it wasn’t for non-native people this country would be in a much worse situation than it is now and by stopping them coming in – or by kicking those who are already here out – the country would not be the great nation that it is now.

Foreigners *thumbs up*

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