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Chris Whitehead wore a skirt to school to stick it to the man – good on him

At lunchtime I was pointed to this article in the Daily Telegraph about a 12 year-old boy who wore a skirt to school because his school has a ban on shorts. The kid says that it is discrimination that girls can wear skirts but boys cannot wear shorts in the summer and lets be frank – he has a point.

According to the story the school outlawed shorts in 2009 after a consultation with parents. Apparently most schools in Cambridgeshire have the same rules. I must admit I can’t remember if at either of the secondary schools I went to had a ban on shorts for boys in the summer. I imagine Oaklands probably did but Carisbrooke High may not have done. Still I didn’t care about these type of things when I was 12 but the kid makes a good point and well done to the school for not castigating him.

Whether or not you believe this is something worth fighting over you have to admire his spirit. I’m not exactly sure that wearing trousers in the hot summer is that much different to wearing shorts but heck exploit that loophole over skirts. It is certainly unfair that girls can wear either skirts or trousers and boys can only wear trousers (or skirts using this loophole). I just don’t get why this is.

So anyway another pointless ramble. Well done to the kid. Shows up the schools stupid law. Hopefully they’ll sort it out and he maintains his interest in politics.

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