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The Argentine War Propaganda Machine rolls on…

So we are coming up to the thirty year anniversary of the Falklands War. Prince Williams is down there for work purposes. The subject is starting to makes noticeable waves in the corridors of power and that is all thanks to the Argentine government. They want the Falklands. They think it is their right to have them. The fact the natives consider themselves British is neither here nor there. They want them (and the big fat oil reserves in the surrounding waters) but tensions are starting to brew.

With the Argentine economy in full-blown crisis the government have decided that they need a diversion to focus the anger on. Over in the UK we have used the bankers and/or the foreigners (great job people of UK – great job) but the Argentines have decided that everything will be all right once they get the islands back so have put on a full court press of the media to whip up some English hatred so they can justify going to war.

The latest way in which the government have done is by renaming the Argentine Football League. The season, which starts on Friday will be known as the Crucero General Belgrano Primera DivisiĆ³n or if you prefer the English version the Cruiser General Belgrano First Division.

Yep they are renaming the football league after a Argentine naval vessel that was sunk in the Falklands conflict. Certainly nothing in that. I doubt they even knew about the link. I bet it was a complete accident. Next you’ll be telling me the Argentine government own the TV rights and will be showing the league on free-to-air television to maximise the exposure of the newly re branded top division of football in the country *leans in to listen to something his editor has brought to his attention* Oh I see. Scratch that previous sentence. The Argentine government does actually own the rights and plans to broadcast them free-to-air. My mistake.

So yes there we have it. The Argentine government aren’t trying to whip up the country into demanding a war with the UK over the Falklands Islands. Oh no. That would be crazy.

For the piece in The Guardian please follow this link and with a hat-tip to Sean Breslin who pointed this story out to me.

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