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Christmas Day in the Monnery Apartment

Well the calendar on my iPhone has ticked over to December 26 and Christmas Day is over for another year. So how did I spend the day?

I woke up around 8ish but that was far too early. Happily my body also realised this and thus I fell asleep once again and got up nearer 12. I had a Christmas Breakfast Curry as I usually do and this year it was a two horse race between King Prawn Masala and Chicken Jalfrezi and after a lengthy look at both it was the Chicken Jalfrezi that got the nod and that was breakfast.

The Goals on Sunday Christmas Special with Kammy and Ben Shepherd started the day off. The guests were Ian Wright and Robbie Keane. I must say that Sky have the two best football shows on the tellybox with Goals on Sunday and Soccer Saturday with Jeff and the boys.

Jeff and the Boys were on a bit later in the afternoon looking back on all their Christmas specials. The two best ones were clearly 2004 and the SeniorStars tournament. The big man Alan McInally really was good at that despite not winning. Also the Soccer Saturday Cup they did down in Southampton was fantastic. I would love it if they did that every year as that was an enjoyable watch.

Next I put my Turkey on. However it wasn’t what you’d call a traditional Christmas Dinner as all that I cooked was a Bernard Matthews Turkey Breast joint thing. No roasts, no stuffing, no veg, just that. One of my former housemates Carla would not be amused. She thought those turkey things were just awful but I’ve always kinda liked them. If she ever reads this I know she’ll be straight on my Facebook wall tutting.

Whilst that was cooking there was a special on England’s rise to #1 in the world of cricket with Ian Ward and Andrew Strauss. This was another good piece of TV. So far I hadn’t watched anything other than Sky Sports all day but I did flick over to Dave Ja Vu and caught the Top Gear Vietnam Special.

Not exactly sure how I spent the next couple of hours and it was today. Must have just potted around on the net or something. No TV rings a bell until Rocky started at Ten of which I saw an hour until Sky’s coverage of the Boxing Day Test started. Nice to have both Richie Benaud and Bill Lawry back in my life – if only for five days.

Now I’m eating Belgian Chocolates (because I have no cake of any description in the apartment – bad planning by me) and watching the cricket. The Packers v The Bears at on at 1:30 AM and I’ll no doubt see a bit of that. Somehow I’m ahead in my Fantasy NFL match-up despite an awful weekend so far. It’s a two week final and it looks likely that I’ll have a small lead going into next week.

So that was my Christmas Day. Some would say that sounds lonely and very weird but is really rather normal for me. I don’t think I’ve had a ‘traditional’ Christmas for a decade for so. That is just the way it is…

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